Karamba! Che Carrà on Special Tg1

Karamba!  Che Carrà on Special Tg1
Singer, dancer, actress, presenter, she liked to say about herself that it was like a “live video” because it was necessary to listen to it and, above all, to watch it. She knew how to convey feelings herself. In Speciale Tg1, which was broadcast on Sunday July 10 at 11:00 pm on Rai 1, a tribute to the long career of Rafaela Cara, the queen of black and white and then color TV, presenter of many successful TV shows such as, starting with ’95’ Caramba ! What a surprise, ”which made exciting records for the audience in the history of rai.
A global star, a symbol of feminine lightness and perseverance at the same time, Raffaella Cara with her exposed navel and tuca tuca managed to explain the desire for freedom and transgression in the 1970s and publicly committed to supporting idealistic and social battles: respect for the LGBT community, promotion of remote adoption, and a strong interest in vocational training for young people.
She died on July 5, 2021 at the age of 78, silently because she hid the disease that afflicted her. She wanted to be remembered as she had always been: beautiful and radiant, with her loud, unmistakable laugh.
In an intimate and meticulous journey, Raffaella tells the story of her comrades in life and work, friends of several card games in Porto Santo Stefano, the place she chose to be only Raffaella Belloni and not La Cara. Between entertaining anecdotes (“He always wanted to win tickets and before shows he filled his dressing room with salt because he was superstitious”) and great acts of generosity (in his will also a sum of money to fund the small short film festival in Porto every year Santo Stefano dedicated to young filmmakers) a portrait of a woman appears. Of many characters, who wanted the urn with her ashes carried by the monks of San Giovanni Rotondo and then kept in Argentario in the small Porto cemetery. Santo Stefano.
“Carramba! Che Carrà” is a journey into the world of Raffaella with testimonials, among others, Paolo De Andreis, head of many of his programs on Rai, Letterio Magazzù, organizer of events around the world, Stefano Forti, dancer and choreographer, Luca Sabatelli, designer The fashion that created Raffaella’s look, Vasco Stolzi, her makeup artist, Giancarlo Torri, Raffaella’s hairstylist, Marineta Saglio, her photographer, and Petra Conti, a world star who had the opportunity thanks to Raffaella to go study abroad.
Raffaella Carrà is the history of television, but she has also sold 60 million records, which have been published in 37 countries around the world.
The direction of the special show is composed by Cinzia Perica and the original music is composed by Maestro Paolo Di Sabatino.

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