Serie A, Lazio-Milan-Pioli: “I will talk less and work more.” Maldini: “The team has lost confidence and spirit”

Serie A, Lazio-Milan-Pioli: “I will talk less and work more.”  Maldini: “The team has lost confidence and spirit”
Milan collapses in Olimpico under the blows of Lazio The second blow was dealt in a few days, after one in the Super Cup against Inter. In addition to coach Pioli, coach Paolo Maldini also spoke into DAZN microphones after the match in Rome.

Pioli: “Talk less and do more”

We have to get back to Milanello quickly and do well, because it’s clear we’re not performing up to our potential. There are many things that do not work: the mental and tactical side. We received targets from situations that could have been avoided. I am here to speak because I have to, or else I will be silent because there is work to be done“.


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It’s not easy, now things are not going well for us. Today in the maneuver, although there were no great chances, we created situations that would be dangerous even if we did not succeed. The problem is not with the ball, but without it: we have become a team with little coverage and little visibility, and therefore we have to do a more precise job, with clearer communication between the players on the field. There is only one way to improve the situation: action“.

We got the readings wrong and this was happening for a few matches. The team must be tighter and more collaborative. These are situations that need to be managed better and we need to do well. Making these mistakes means creating more difficulties in the match, and then it becomes a tactical and mental issue. Positive results bring enthusiasm, and negative results bring negativity that is difficult to resolve“.

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We have to get back to playing like we know how, that should be our goal. We have to do this as soon as possible. Our performance was not what we could do. Let’s continue our journey, let’s try to do better. I will try to talk less and do more“.

Maldini: “I’m happy. Now we’re planning a future that’s always successful”

Maldini: “We have to rediscover the team spirit”

“Last year we gave the Scudetto signal long before Lazio and Milan. This is a different moment because we were knocked out of the Coppa Italia and lost the Super Cup with Inter. We lost two goals and conceded 11 goals in 3 games, it’s a tough moment. It may seem trivial: last year we won thanks to the Spirit and we have to quietly find it again. With all due respect to this delicate moment, we are alone second in the standings, after 7 years we reached the Champions League and won the Scudetto. This team is within its standards“.

“It happened and it also happened that I lost certainty, distance and confidence in Milan. It can happen, the important thing is to come back, we know how to do it. We are not the Milan of the nineties who really took the champions, we have to go a way and do it.” Choose to restore the communityWe won’t budge on this.”

assets He has a four-year contract Dee Kettleery He has five: We can’t rate her for a few months. Origi arrived injured, and only now is he fully functional. It’s easier to get into a more experienced team than into someone who’s struggling, and that’s what happened to Charles. For him, it’s only a matter of time. to Zaniolo Masara has already said it all: let’s evaluate the chances, there is no point in hiding the reality. We will not deviate from our vision and reality.


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