Kamada is decisive, Sarri moves up the world rankings

Kamada is decisive, Sarri moves up the world rankings

11:50 p.m

Napoli lyrics by Rudi Garcia

“Let’s not throw everything away because we lost today, I hate losing but now we’re leaving again hopefully my dad is okay after the international break. When you play every three days there’s more space for everyone, like Mario Roy and Lindstrom who joined in the second half So we can improve.”. words Rudy Garcia After his knockout with Lazio. Here the conference and interviews.

11:43 p.m

Lazio, Sarri’s remarks

“I hope our path continues as we saw tonight in Lazio but we know we are vulnerable from this point of view. Time will tell.”. like Maurice Surrey in the post match. Here are all his interviews.

11:37 p.m

Camada speaks, decisive for Lazio

“It’s a special night, the goal could not have come on such a beautiful evening. I’m very happy to score the goal and help the team. It’s an important feeling”. And so flash comment from Kamada On the channel Lazio Style.

11.30 pm

Immobile words at the end of the game

“When I know I can help the team and I’m in the game mentally and physically, I can make my contribution. I’m happy with what the team did, and it’s a pity we could have got a few more points with Genoa.”We’re getting better in terms of form. We wanted to make a change, mentally we didn’t get to the first two games in the best way, especially against Lecce.” Until last year we were out in the third game, maybe the workloads were laid out so that the team would start to refuel after the break when the many close commitments arrived. I must say that we are fine physically.”Cyrus is immobile This is how he spoke to Lazio Style after the 2-1 victory over Napoli at Maradona Stadium.

11:23 p.m

Naples on the tongue of Politano

“In the second half we lost a lot of balls, lacked clarity, and conceded what Lazio expected. We were chickens. I don’t think this defeat will leave any mark. They scored at the first opportunity. There is work to be done, the coach has just arrived. It takes time.”. like Matthew Politano After the knockout with Lazio on the microphones DAZN.

11:15 pm

Post-match words from Luis Alberto

Challenge sacrifice by all.In the first match, Lazio was not a disaster. In the second he was losing us that way. I was calm, and I saw the Lazio that I wanted. Today he proved he’s strong against a really strong team, Napoli.” This is how Luis Alberto commented on DAZN. Then criticize the referees. Here is the full interview.

10:46 pm

90’+7′ – Match ends against Maradona

Lazio beat Maradona and beat Napoli 2-1. And so Sarri moves the standings thanks to Kamada’s decisive goal.

10:42 p.m

90’+6′, the equalizer for Napoli Lindstrom shoots high

Juan Jesus’s corner kick failed to drive into the net, then Lindstrom smashed the rebound in with great force: the ball to the stars.

10:39 p.m

90 +3′ – Latest change for Lazio

Sarri excludes Immobile and Zakani and replaces Castellanos and Isaxen. The attack has completely changed compared to the owners.

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10:35 p.m

89′ – Lazio advance with Guendouzi, the work fades

Zakagni sends a good ball, then collects Luis Alberto, who passes to Guendouzi: the Frenchman cannot find the shot.

10:31 p.m

85′ – Dangerous Zakajni, close goal

Zakagne steals the ball, then Luis Alberto finds it again: low shot, the ball wide.

10.30 pm

84′ – Another substitution for Napoli

Outside Zielinski, the blue goal, and inside Simeone.

10:26 pm

80′ – Sarri removes a very tired Felipe Anderson

Outside Felipe, author of two assists and inside Pedro. The Brazilian was on his feet for a few minutes. And also inside Pellegrini instead of Hisai.

10:21 p.m

75′ – Substitution for Napoli

Garcia enters Lindstrom takes a politano.

10:17 pm

71- Lazio doubles Guendouzi’s third goal, but there is still offside

Another disallowed goal for Lazio. Guendouzi scores, but Zakagni is in an offside position. The referee goes to the mouse and cancels again, Maradona explodes. Always 1-2. Here is the live score of the match.

10:13 p.m

67′ – Lazio scores again, but offside

The game started with Imobili in midfield, passing the ball to Guendouzi, who passed the ball to Zakagne in the depths: in front of the unmistakable Meret and the Lazio trio. But Colombo is waiting for the mouse: offside, and the score is still 1-2.

10:11 p.m

65′ – First substitution for Lazio and Napoli

Sari removes Kamada and enters Gunduzi, the last player to arrive in this Transfer Market session. For Napoli outside Oliveira and inside Mario Rui. outside too Kvaratskhelia and Raspadori.

10:09 pm

62′ – Protests from Naples due to contact with the area

Cataldi enters the area on Di Lorenzo, who descends. The referee blows the offside whistle at Zielinski, who has the pass. Defender stays on the ground. Here is the live score of the match.

10:04 p.m

58′ – Zielinski, Napoli’s dangerous attack

Romagnoli frees the defense and collects Zelensky Who tries again as in the first half: the ball this time is a few meters out. Soon after, Luis Alberto was booked for the protests.


52′ – Lazio goal from Kamada

An escape from Felipe Anderson on the right, a ball in and a veil from Luis Alberto. Kamada catches the ball, adjusts it with two touches and passes it with his left foot, scoring the goal. Lazio advance again.


46′ – Two quick chances from both sides

A ball out and a kick from Zelenskiy from the edge of the goal, Provedel refuses as best he can. Then a counterattack from Lazio: Luis Alberto sends Immobile, and Meret comes out well. But there was an infiltration. Here is the live score of the match.


46′ – The beginning of the recovery of Napoli and Lazio

It starts again with the first ball for the hosts. There is no change between the initial 22.


45’+2′- The first half ends with Maradona

The first half of the match ended with a score of 1-1. Zielinski responded to Luis Alberto’s goal. Good match intensity and 2-3 important occasions for Napoli.

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43′ – A dangerous Lobotka penetrates the Lazio defence


36′ – Felipe Anderson, what an opportunity

A one-man move for the Lazio winger, who shoots the ball in from a narrow angle: Juan Jesus closes it in for a corner kick. Here is the live score of the match.


34′ – Yellow card for Rudy Garcia

Columbus warns Rudy Garcia To many ongoing protests. The call came from the fourth man.


32′ – Napoli equalize!

A shot from Zielinski from the outside, Romagnoli hit it and hit Providel in the counter-time and the ball went into the net. Napoli equalized immediately with a goal by Luis Alberto.


30′ – Lazio goal, magic from Luis Alberto

Cataldi passes the ball to Felipe Anderson from the right, passes the ball in the middle and passes the ball with the back heel Luis Alberto in the near corner taunts Merritt. The Spaniard celebrates in the guest sector. Lazio is ahead of Maradona.


27′ – Yellow card for Zakagne

Zakagne gets the first yellow card of the match: the protests card.


21′ – what a shot Kvaratskhelia, para providedel

long shot to Kfaratskhelia: strong blow, Provedel relaxes and puts in the corner. Another important occasion for Napoli.


14′ – Dangerous for Lazio, Osimhen tries

From the corner kick a very high breakaway OsiminWho dominates Marusic and hits a header. The ball is just out.


13′ – Zielinski is dangerous from a free kick

Free kick from a narrow angle: the ball slides under the crossbar, Providel does not trust him and takes a corner kick.


3′ – First chance for Napoli

Solo work by Kfaratskhelia, who enters the area and dribbles: his right-footed shot is deflected into a corner kick by a Lazio defender. The Azzurri started the match well.


1′- Naples-Lazio starts at Maradona

A minute’s silence for the Brandizo train disaster. Then it starts on a full stadium. Napoli on the field in the black jersey (third uniform). Lazio in the white jersey. First ball for Surrey.


Naples, words by D. Meluso

“We are content to bring in the players who were our targets to fill the empty spaces. It was also very important for Napoli to confirm the players who were our backbone. With these additions we hope we can repeat the exceptional tournament”. So spoke DS Naples Mauro MilosoOn Dazn’s microphones before the game against Lazio.

8:27 p.m

Sarri speaks before the match

Lazio coach Maurizio Sarri spoke to DAZEN before the match against Napoli: “As I often hear in Florence, there is bread and stone. We had a bad approach in the tournament and we need to score points, but we are finding the strongest team in Italy and so it will be very difficult. When you lose matches now” it is usual to say that the problem is the physical condition. We are a team that has covered more kilometers than anyone else in the first two races. I don’t see a problem with the physical condition. Go up instead of going up. Kamada is important to us, it needs time to grow, it arrived late. Naples? These people have given me so much and I’m happy to see them happy, and then there’s something they never forgave me for, but they gave me so much.” Here is his interview.

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8:25 p.m

moment of immobility

The Napoli-Lazio match will be Ciro Immobile’s 300th appearance in the Biancoceleste shirt in all competitions: the striker has been actively involved in 246 goals in the first 299 matches (197 goals and 49 assists). Net yet for him.

8:10 p.m

Napoli and Lazio, the official formations and seats

Napoli (4-3-3): Merritt. DiLorenzo, Rahmani, Juan Jesus, Anguisa; Lobotka, Zelensky; Politano, Osimhen, Kvaratskhelia. available: Contini, Idaciak, Mario Rui, Natan, Ostegaard, Zanoli, Cagusti, Elmas, Gaetano, Lindstrom, Rosso, Raspadori, Simeone, Zielinski. everyone.: Rudy Garcia.

Lazio (4-3-3): profile. Marusic, Casale, Romagnoli, Hisai; Kamada, Cataldi, Luis Alberto; Felipe Anderson, Immobile, Zakagny. available: Sepe, Mardas, Pellegrini, Patrick, Vecino, Guendouzi, Pedro, Isachsen, Castellanos, Essential, Lazzari, Gila, Rovila. everyone.: Maurice Surrey.


Osimin moment

Victor Osimhen has already scored three goals in Serie A this season: Since Napoli’s return to Serie A (2007/08), only three Azzurri players have managed to score at least four goals in the first three matches played by the Campania side (Lozano in 2020, Callejon in 2016 and Hamsik in 2013) – there they are too Three Napoli players in this period are able to score in all of the Azzurri’s first three seasonal matches in Serie A (Callijon in 2013, Cavani in 2010 and Hamsik in 2009).


Naples official formation

Napoli (4-3-3) – Merritt; DeLorenzo, Rahmani, Juan Jesus, Oliveira; Anguissa, Lobotka, Zelensky; Politano, Osimhen, Kvaratskhelia. All Garcia.

7:49 p.m

Lazio official formation

Lazio (4-3-3) – Providel; Marusic, Casale, Romagnoli, Hisai; Kamada, Cataldi, Luis Alberto; Felipe Anderson, Immobile, Zakagny. All valid.

7.45 p.m

Napoli and Lazio numbers

Napoli and Lazio have not drawn in Serie A since a 1-1 draw on November 5, 2016 (Sarri coached the Azzurri): since then, in 13 matches, Campania have recorded 10 wins and three for the Biancocelesti, including the last one he played. In March 2023 (the Bianconceleste have not beaten Napoli twice in a row in a major tournament since 1997).


Napoli – Lazio, a big challenge for Maradona

Rudy Garcia was clear at the conference: 6 out of 6 is good, but 9 out of 9 would be great.” And Napoli wants to beat Lazio and get close to the break with full points, like Milan. On the other hand, the Biancoceleste failed in their first two matches: the defeat in Lecce and the defeat at home against Genoa. Sarri is yet to win, and expects a big test with Maradona.

Naples – Maradona Stadium

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