March 25, 2023

Hardwood Paroxysm

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They parted at home. Zaniolo says no to Bournemouth and Roma chooses the hard line – – Latest news like Roma football – interviews, photos and videos

Niccolo refuses the offer of 4.5 million a year. He’s out of the club: proceedings get in Mo’s way and he’s infuriated by his teammates and angry fans

It ends badly. Nicholas Zaniolo says no to Bournemouth and Rome Literally angryalso threatens disciplinary action, Massimo Cecchini writes in The Sports Gazette. With the refusal of the English club, who prepared him a pharaonic offer of about 4.5 million per season – more than Zaniolo asked for renewal – the striker now finds himself captive of his ghosts And above all, from an environment that no longer loves him, both inside and outside Trigoria.

Management found Unacceptable The position of the player – who also yesterday refused to meet the Bournemouth executives, who had only had phone contact with his family – and therefore Examines disciplinary procedures, which could range from a monetary fine to the possibility of him training separately, just like Bianda and Coric. The situation has accelerated, especially since Nicolo made it clear to Mourinho Inability to play to want to leave. It’s not a question of money, he lets people know who he’s close to, so much so that Milan would have accepted the same share with Roma, but with a technical plan, and Bournemouth’s plan – with a 4-4-2 in which they say he’ll find it. Tough tactical position – Don’t convince him.

Roma knows they can cut a deal with them Zyachbut Niccolo is not holding up the negotiations for the time being. Zaniolo He will have to face the upswing to win back everyone’s trust. Including his teammates in the locker room who They didn’t like his manner of acting at all.

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