February 1, 2023

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“I want the Athenaeum Veneto agora with youth and science as champions”

The first woman to hold the presidency of the University of Veneto in more than 200 years of history: it is a fact. What does it mean to you?

“I never think in terms of gender or quotas, but always – in my professional life – about competence. But it is the fact that it is the first .. I hope I will not be the last, as Kamala Harris said. Antonella Magaragia, a judge (President of the Court of Verona, held positions in civil and criminal affairs, is also a teacher at the Superior School of the Judiciary and at the CSM) was able to re-vote the unified vote of members of the University of Veneto, the oldest institution of cultural heritage of Venice.

For a man who is elected to office, it is admittedly due to merit, should this still be made clear to the woman?

“I never forget when a woman reaches the top, the decades, centuries of struggles that led to that right. After my appointment as president, there are those who said to me: ‘First woman, you will work twice as many.’ I replied: I want to do like a man. Enough with Dual work and multitasking.

Let’s move on to the university: what does it represent to you? Explain this historical institution to those who are unfamiliar with it or consider it a swampy environment.

“A little for its centuries-old traditions, for very high-quality members, for the austerity of the building a university can be intimidating, but in fact it has always been the cultural heartbeat of the city, a point of reference for centuries and will continue to be. I am part of this tradition that must be highlighted The university must be increasingly open to discussions about the city’s political problems The home of the Venetians, who apply here, face each other The well-established cultural tradition gives us the tools to tackle any problem in the city in the right way The university is a “third party”, not a political subject , but possesses cultural tools to decipher, understand and control problems. I will push in this aspect, blocking all the living forces of the city, without arrogant attitudes. Starting with the youth: a process of “renewal” should not, however, look negative. “

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But is university a place for young people?

“We must not introduce initiatives targeting young people, we must make them champions: this is a change of vision. To prefer a cultural, intellectual class, which is the fabric of society and rules the city.”

She stressed the need to talk more about science: what does this mean?

Article 3 of our Statute refers to the moral sciences, literature and the arts as well as to science and mathematics: the plurality of knowledge. Our country has a humanitarian mission, but even this pandemic period has reminded us of how important science is. I would like to try to deepen this part in parallel with the other, the historical part. We have the privilege to explore.”

Your program also talks about remote work and digital information: how can a university contribute to “rescuing” Venice from the cloud that often surrounds it?

«I, by personal and ideological situation, am proactive. Venice has in recent years developed greater environmental awareness, and entirely new digital frontiers. It can be a great place to experiment. With Smart City you can live in Venice and work with the world, overcoming population shortages, and transportation difficulties. And we can go back to production: we need to rethink the rifle with these new capabilities. The university, with a culture of stratified knowledge over time, has the tools to understand these social changes, and to manage them.”

It also intends to create a network between cultural institutions: it has been talked about for years, to no avail …

“The supply is very rich, as is the fragmentation. The university is already working to connect with some of the city’s cultural institutions and wants to continue to do so, to improve energy, be strong and credible in projects. I think of European calls: participation as multiple institutions gives much more power. Vegetable gardens cannot dominate culture: everyone has his own history, which he respects, but culture cannot suffer from jealousy ».

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Budget problems?

“What worries me the most is low income. Just maintaining this balance is a success. President Scarante announced an upcoming contract to host exhibitions: we hope it will be signed soon, otherwise the problems will be very serious: the economic foundation is required for any project. The partners have done a lot, but the balance Unstable. I hope that new communication technologies in contact with the world will be an economic flywheel.” –

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