Giroud’s masterpiece, but Milan likes it only from the waist up and the new one does not appear. Maldini a historic goal | first page

Giroud’s masterpiece, but Milan likes it only from the waist up and the new one does not appear.  Maldini a historic goal |  first page

Continue with Jerrod. As in the Champions League, he is still the man who drags Milan, signing the 2-1 goal against Spezia in the final.. Just like that for the many chances created by the Rossoneri who closed in the first half 1-0 thanks to Theo Hernandez, they also hit supermodel with Krunic and post with Leao. The three points, worthy of overtaking Atalanta and keeping the Italian champions at less than 6 of the leaders Napoli, should not, however, make us forget the many sufferings, which culminated with the temporary, but in any case Historic, drawn by the son of art Daniel Maldini. Before and after his prowess, in fact, Tatarusanu takes many risks, with the aggravating circumstances ahead of him was the only team that had always been defeated in the previous six matches in which he had not even scored a goal and collected an unparalleled thirteen. Perhaps because he expended a lot of mental energy to beat Salisburgbo, perhaps because the defense no longer looks like last year but above all because new signings have not yet strengthened the squad.From Origi who started the match to De Ketelaere who finished it, this Milan cannot do without the Scudetto title holders, starting with Giroud who made the difference in the final. It is precisely for these reasons, and given his absence through exclusion, that Milan would do well not to underestimate the next game in Cremona where they will have to dispense with Hernandez, the two goals of this success.

The illusion of spices – First of all, all the eyes of the Rossoneri fans, and not only his father Paolo, Targeting “former” star Daniel Maldini, favored the green as a shoulder down in the attack. However, Tatarusano’s first risks come from two defenders. QYOUR And immediately after another “prev” Caldara They force the Maignan alternate into two hard converging breasts. After avoiding the goal, Milan realized that Spezia could not be ignored and after a quarter of an hour they started playing, crushing Gotti’s team in their own penalty area. It’s a complete siege involving almost everyone, except for the distracted Origi Giroud preferred in the context of a strong turnover on his basis, compared to the starting line-up against Salisbuirgo, they meet again cage In defense, Kagair is next to Tomori, chronich Instead of Tonali in second place next to Bennacer e Diaz on the trocar rather than on the Krunic itself.

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Theo and Var – king chronichwhich was confirmed as a valuable joker, with only the stigma of a futile entry from a yellow card, hits the intersection of the poles. Besides, they touched the target first Tomoriand then Diaz Finally Messias That enhances the talented Dragowski’s reflexes. They seem to be the signs of a haunted game, but they are not, because After 21′ Theo Hernandez, who wasn’t spotted by a surgical throw by Benaser, checks his chest and hits the ball off the deserved left 1-0. Before you can be sure that the target is correct, due to his alleged infiltration, you have to wait about 5′ Because of the general astonishment of the government blacksmiths He literally repeats to everyone: “There is a problem in varAfter solving this problem, Milan can celebrate, even if they do not stop taking risks.

dancing defense – Like a charming mermaid, The Rossoneri only loves from the waist up. Thus, having struggled at first, he still shivered on more than one occasion, confirming doubts about the strength of his defense, which was not protected by the midfielders and strikers who never returned, starting with Liao. Not by chance Caldara Once again, Tatarusano nodded and shortly afterwards Downwards he supervises the Rossoneri goalkeeper outside of time, and shoots into the empty goal. Mistakes on the one hand and bad luck on the other because it’s at the end of the first half Milan hit the second crossbar with Liao And only when the ball goes back to the field amparo Krunich’s conclusion without fail pushes to the test.

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Maldini’s fairy tale – In the interval Pioli decides to lift Tonali, Sacrifice Benassire, already warned. On the other hand, Giroud is still on the bench but in the end Origi tries not to make him regret it because the first result in the second half is his, prevented by Dragowski who is good at stretching on the Frenchman’s diagonal. It seems that the start of another match for him and Milan. Instead, it is an involuntary introduction to a new football legend, because Daniel Maldini from the left puts Tatarosano on the opposite post, signing a goal worth double.: For the story because it is the first for Maldini against Milan and to score because it is the first this year for Spezia away from home.

Tonali and Var – We still have more than half an hour to go and the Rossoneri have plenty of time to regain the lead. 6′ appears to be enough to score, but Tonali’s superb goal flying off the line pass Origi was called off very late by Farr, who points to referee Fabri’s earlier foul by Tomori on the downs.. Among the protests of the Rossoneri, almost no one notices the exit of Maldini, who was dominated by Verdi. Most obvious, during the last quarter of the bumper hour, the triple change of Pioli, which re-launched Rebec, de Kettleri and Giro, respectively, in place of Messias, Diaz and Origi.

Jiro Masterpiece – The passage of time is Spezia’s ally who takes advantage of the space available to engage Tatarusanu with Verde and thus Milan feels nervous, the victim of insanity. Yellow cards flowed to Giroud, Messias and Hernandez, who, after being warned, will miss Tuesday’s first leg in Cremona. But above all, as the 90th minute approaches, Giroud’s equalizer fails and creates a true masterpiece with Tonali’s cross on the fly. Despite being 36, he made an eighteen-year-old as he took off his shirt and was recently warned of a red card, leaving Milan in ten at 5′ of recovery and above all also jumping to disqualify from the match against Cremonese. A real shame because among the many new faces of the summer he is still Milan’s best signing.

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Milan – Spezia 2-1 (first half 1-0)

Scorers: 21′ pt Hernandez (Mil), 14′ st D. Maldini (Spe), 43′ st Giroud (Mil)

Help: 21′ pt Bennacer (Mil)

Milan (4-2-3-1): Tătăruşanu; Kalolo, Gabia; Tomori, Hernandez; Bennacer (from 1 ‘st Tonali), Kronich; Messias (from 26′ st Rebic), Díaz, m (from 26′ st De Ketelaere) Leão (from 41′ st Thiaw) Origi (from 26’ st Giroud) Available: Jungdal, Mirante; Ballo-Touré, Kjær, Thiaw; Adly, Bakayoko, Bubiga, Tonali, Franks; De Kettleri, Giroud, Rebic. Coach: Bewley.

Spice (3-5-2): Drogosky; Ampadu, Caldara, Keuyure; Holm, Purabia (from 24′ st Ellertson), Ekdal, Agudelo (from 24′ st Hristov), ​​Amian (from 9′ st Reca) Maldini (from 24′ st Verde), down. Available: Zoet, Zovko; Ferrer, Christoph. Beck, Ellertsson, Ngyamba, Rica, Sala and Cher; Sanka, Strelic, Green. Coach: Guti.

Reservations: 40′ pt Bennacer (Mil), 17′ st Messias (Mil), 28′ st Ampadu (Spe), 36′ St Ellertson (Spe), 37′ St Hernandez (Mil), 37′ St Nzola (Spe) , 37′ st Giroud (Mil), 42′ st Caldara (Spe), 47′ st Tonali (Mil).

Fired: 45 Giro St. for a double yellow card (ml).

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