Basketball, playoffs: Milan win the first game of the quarterfinals

Basketball, playoffs: Milan win the first game of the quarterfinals

Olympia dominated from start to finish with defense and three-point shooting. Datum, Shields, and Baron are today’s bombers. Guests plunge at -29. In other matches, too, the field factor dominates: Brindisi crashes, Sassari taunts

Milano Pesaro 94-68
Milan start the qualifiers with momentum to defend the scudetto with a confrontation that also becomes a message to the competition. In the first game of the quarterfinals, the Italian champions easily dispose of Pizarro who immediately lost contact in the first quarter. Coach Messina has to make excellent exceptions among the ten foreign players in the squad, leaving Bangus and Davies in the stands, two of the best performances of the summer, with an eye on Hall and Voigtmann. Only the great German made a 15-0 break that directs the match in favor of Olympia at the first siren (26-16). Bizarro floats as best he can in Daye’s crystal row, always nice to look at, but too many twists prevent any attempt to return. Next, Milan undergoes a three-man operation with Shields responding well to his coach’s expectations and Datome setting up three three-pointers from his own plate. Coming 12-1. With the team’s 9 triples, Olimpia can hit +21 (54-33) at the break, and also shows a good ball roll while Napier dominates the playmaking duel against the much-troubled ex Moretti, the usual defense from a playoff blocking basket. Bizarro attack. The Barons, with 13 points, and Shields, with 10, are the tiebreakers. In the second half the music does not change. Milan is in control, managing rhythms and shots at will. Baron’s fifth three-point +23, Totè is the most active for Pizarro but that doesn’t count: the third quarter is up 78-56. At the beginning of the final quarter, Datome again gained a three-point advantage (83-56) which reached +29 in the final. Milan on velvet, a heavy lesson for Pizarro
(Andrea Tosi)
Milan: Baron 19, Datum 17,
Shields 12
Bizarro: graphic 13, download 11,
Cheetham 1o

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V. Bologna Brindisi 104-68
Virtus enters the playoffs with a massive showdown that eliminates Brindisi. There is no story at Segafredo Arena, the Black and Whites dominate the game massively, going 100 points and 1-0 in the series with a very convincing performance born from excellent defense that crushes. Cordinier takes the palm man, but every Virtus works like clockwork (72% from two, 52% from three and 32 assists), and he also welcomes back the Teodosic field (12 points and 7 assists in 17 minutes) after almost a month. Virtus’ defensive approach is that of a team that wants to immediately impose its trademark on the series and get the game downhill. There is no space in Brindisi, you fail to enter the area and Bologna slowly takes off. At the end of the first quarter, 29-13 is already a photo op of Bolognese range, Brindisi only has something from Reed but Scariolo’s men who are on autopilot don’t worry. All in the game, the ball moves like fun and the score is 64 points in the first half with 72% from two, 50% from three, 16 assists with +28 which is a sentence indeed. In fact, the second half didn’t change the order of things, and indeed Virtus could put on a show with fantastic passes on the edge and passes from behind the back, even reaching +36 (77-41) which raises the fans’ level. (Luke Aquinas)
Advantages: Cordinier 15, Augelli 14, Teodosic 12
Toast: Reid 18, Perkins 17,
Harrison 10

Venice Sassari 82-79
Thrilling finale In game one between Reyer and Dynamo, Venice wins and squanders a 12-point lead in the final quarter and has to hang on to Willis’ cool from the line. The challenge of the 2019 championship final and the renewed 2021 quarter-finals, Dawei had a great impact on the match (4-10), Reyer, who suffers in attack. Diop does better than Stephens on Watt, denies Sassari an extension (11-17), sews orogranata center (16-17), but when Dowe leaves, it is Robinson who takes the chair with 9 points in the fourth (20-29), Tessitori reduces the gap at the first siren (22-29). In the second quarter, Mokoka plays the charge by imposing his athletic style of defense on opponents. Dynamo rose to +12 (22-34) but then got a 14-0 break from Team Spahija (43-39), excellent effect also from Brooks. Venice does better in defense, so the offense is more dynamic and also puts Bramos at the triple +5 (46-41). The match stalemate turned, Reyer at +5 (50-45) at the second siren. Reyer has the ball of the match in hand (53-45, 57.47), but Sassari is invincible, Bendicius falls short (57-54), Captain Bramos widens the gap (63-54) with Tesitori dropping +11 (65 – 54), Dowe stitched it and Robinson (65-58) on the third siren. It looks like Venice has the match in hand when Mokoka seals a +12 from the arc (72-60), Kruslin revives the Dynamo, but it’s the irrepressible Diop that makes Venice shiver (74-71) with almost 6 straight points. La Reye shudders, and Watt turns down the island attack twice (78-73). At the last minute, free throws are decided, Sassari reaches one point twice (78-77, 80-79), always rejected by Willis from the line (80-77, 82-79). Defending Venice for the last 14 inches, Bendzius’ triple-double doesn’t even take the edge. Ryer breathes.
(Michael Countess)
Venice: Watts 19, Bramos 12, Willis 10 Sassari: Dowe 18, Robinson 16,
Diop 13

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