Juventus-Rjeka 0-0 | life

Juventus-Rjeka 0-0 |  life

Against the Croats, the second test is approaching the resumption of the championship, after the success in Arsenal

45 ‘

– December 22nd

In rest 0-0

No recovery at the end of the first half, the teams were called to the locker room in the second half with a score of 0-0

44 ‘

– December 22nd

Another chance, but this time difficult for Kane: Locatelli crossed from the left towards the center of the area, where the blue striker reached the ball, but was unable to give him power towards the goal.

34 ‘

– December 22nd

A forward task by Gatti who knocks in the penalty area starts in the right oblique midway between the shot and the cross that neither finds the goal nor Kane.

32 ‘

– December 22nd

Another chance Kane missed, again on a great cross from the left from Kostic: Blue was ready two meters from goal, but I saw him hit and deflected wide.

30 ‘

– December 22nd

Milik can also be seen: left-handed from a very long distance, not far from the crossbar

23 ‘

– December 22nd

Gran Kostic on the left for Kean, who in the middle of the area three meters from the goal manages to shoot very high over the crossbar

14 ‘

– December 22nd

Sule triangulates with Milik concentrating on the front line and from just outside the area firing a shot past the far post

13 ‘

– December 22nd

Still active, Ampem had one of his shots easily deflected by Szczesny

9 ‘

– December 22nd

Ambim face to face with Chesney but the Polish goalkeeper saves the score, another chance for Rijeka to refuse but Locatelli saves the goal line

8 ‘

– December 22nd

Croatian Vukcevic booked a hard tackle on Sule

4 ‘

– December 22nd

A direct chance for the Croatians, with a header from a corner kick: Chesny was in her path, and the ball ended up over the bar

– December 22nd


matches in the stadium

Kick off In Turin, the friendly match between Juventus and Rijeka begins. The first ball belongs to the Croats

– December 22nd

Juventus, the official formation

These are Allegri’s picks against Rijeka (3-5-2): Szczesny; Hedgehog, Huijsen, Gatti; Sully, McKinney, Locatelli, Fagioli, Kostic; Kane, Melek

– December 22nd

Juventus, possible formation

These are Allegri’s possible picks against Rijeka (3-5-2): Perin; Riccio, Hogesen, Gatti; Kostek, Fagioli, Locatelli, Machini, Barbieri; Kane, Melek

– December 22nd

Juventus Rijeka, where to see it

The match between Juventus and Rijeka will be broadcast live by Dazn and on Sky TV on Sky Sport Uno (201) and Sky Sport Football (203).

At 2 pm, at the Allianz Stadium in Turin behind closed doors, Juventus will host Rijeka for the second test in preparation for the resumption of the tournament after the World Cup break, which will take place on January 4 at 6.30 pm in Cremona. After 17 matches, of which 10 have been lost, Rijeka is third at the bottom of the Croatian League.

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