February 5, 2023

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The Galilee High School Science Festival concludes with award-winning writer Giuseppe Lupo

The event that concludes the 7th edition of the Galilee High School Science Festival featured guest award-winning writer Giuseppe Lupo, who presented his latest work, The Tobacco Clan, to some third and fourth year students. Friends from their college years, who meet again after a while, to remember the tenderness and joy of life experiences, lived at a particular historical moment.

The meeting with the author opened with the compliments of the principal, Teresa Goffredo, who, at the outset of the work, introduces the welcoming guest as “a great friend of Galilee High School”. This is the third book the writer has introduced to students, and he can’t help but be pleased with how it engages and excites students at every meeting, bringing them closer to reading.

Several selected passages from the book read by a particularly attentive audience, some poignant, some entertaining. Many questions posed by the children were answered by the writer, which made them think about the meaning of friendship, love, and the human and emotional dimension that characterizes existence.

Lobo’s message was also powerful in stating that life contains a message that is not always obvious, and that not even science can give the answers humans expect. The meeting was coordinated by Miriam Rocca, who emphasized the writer’s ability to narrate historical memory through the “memory nostalgia” of her characters.

The event then concluded with the Principal and Monica Pascozzi handing Lupo some gifts depicting high school.

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