Juventus Primavera beats Sassuolo

The age difference is important. For experience and, in the case of the Primavera Championship, also for physicality. Sassuolo's 2-1 win at Vinovo, against Juve's under-19 side, was telling: like the distance between the two teams in terms of average age. The total age of the eleven starting players between one team and another reaches 16 years: something that can make the Bianconeri proud of the project to strengthen players in their first year in this category, giving strength to perform. Montero team; It does not diminish Sassuolo's success, which deserved the three points. The double side of the match is represented by Babu Bakar, born in 2003, and on the other side is Montero Junior, born in 2007. The cover is entirely by Vidovati, the author of the decisive double.

the match

Bigica's goals for Sassuolo came at the end of the first half and in the middle of the second half: before the end of the first half, in the 41st minute, Vidovati took advantage of a mistake in building up the Juventus defence; But in the 65th minute, the striker took advantage of a wonderful move by Rousseau, who was able to pass the ball past three opponents. Juventus does not stand idly by, on the contrary: Floria and especially Ribani are trying to create the conditions for the goal, despite not finding the right measures, such as Mazur as a substitute in the second half. In the end, Crabsto was summed up, ten minutes from time, right after a very good chance from Bugno: it was enough to proudly close out a game in which Sassuolo had never given the impression of losing out of their hands.

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