Juventus U-23 knockout at home with Padova. ok Palermo

Juventus U-23 knockout at home with Padova.  ok Palermo

Alexandria – The way to promotion Juventus U23: Bianconeri Zawley In fact, they fell in the first leg of the second round of the play-off stage at the national level, against Padova. Mokata, to decide, is a network of Shiricho In the second half of the match. Juventus becomes dangerous in 5 when Iocolano serve from Graca Whoever does not find the winning deviation, then the work continues Soleil with the left Donnarumma Deviates for a corner kick. Padova is one step away from the advantage in fifteen minutes when valentine Click for Serafolo That alone in front of the door Israel spoil everything by finishing high. Then at 18 o’clock Della Lata did not find the door with her head. When 32′ is a good chance for Juventus with IocolanoBalloon that ends up. Very dangerous at 38′ all the same Iocolano that touches the pointing, but the ball hits the post. Juventus, who returns to try after two minutes, from the conclusion Nicolosi ankle. In the second half, in the 10th minute, Padova became dangerous with Serafolo not being able to find the door. At 13, some Biancoscudata protested with Shiricho Who claims hand touch inzulinBut the referee sees no way to blow the whistle. 21-year-old Padova misses a pretty tasty chance: Shiricho Serves in the area from fig Which head from a prime location ends right outside. But Padova strikes in 23 minutes: Serafolo Serves in the area Shiricho with left pulses Israel, 0-1. At 37 again they seemed to be trying, with an epilogue to turn Santini: comes out very loud. In the final, Juventus U-23 tries to regain parity: at the end of regulation time from Graca See the target deviate, at 1 minute of recovery Zweli Wrap up on the side. Padova is also dangerous with Shirichoball to the side.

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other races

external victory for Palermowhich with networks Lubrini And Bronori The municipality of Chiavari:you no default with mercag He keeps hopes alive in the return match in which a team participates Fox They will be called to the company. good first for feralpisalò which exceeds the Regiana Thanks to the network in starting war. He wins away, and in return, the catanzaro: stent email Responses to the primary feature of monopoly With Viterity.

Monopoly Catanzaro 1-2

Catanzaro tries fifteen minutes when CinelliPresented by emailfinds opposition Laurea. Catanzaro pushes, but in the 21st minute a goal in Monopoly was disallowed: starita Bags of irregular position. At 28 ‘Catanzaro has the same opportunity for a penalty awarded for a foul Bye from Laurea. He is responsible for the punishment emailBut Laurea He understands and neutralizes everything. And in the 33rd minute, it was Monopoly who advanced Viterity who corrects transverse continued, 1-0. In the second half, Catanzaro tries to push, and Monopoly tries dustyThe ball is out of the net. Catanzaro finds a path equal to 25′: Vandepot serve email Who heads the ball behind him Laurea, 1-1. Catanzaro doubled in the 32nd minute, with email who transcends Mercadanti And ends up on the network beating Laurea, 1-2. In recovery, Catanzaro stays at 10 when ScognamiglioAlready warned, he tackles the second yellow of the match and leaves the contest prematurely.

Intella 1-2 Palermo

Palermo is dangerous to go: epilogue BronoriAnd Bora In the corner. At 14′ Entella tries to head off MorosiniAnd Masulu Thwart everything with great interference. Palermo returns to try 18 with Lubrini: the ball is not much. Entella to try at 35 minutes: Karic serve Liscano Which with that “hole” deviation. at 42 ‘guests Baldiny They go to try with BronoriAnd Pure manages to neutralize. An immediate advantage for Palermo at the start of the second break: Valente takes a corner in the penalty area Lubrini Headed into the net, 0-1. Rosanero’s departure in the second half was fatal: blazer Lands in the region BronoriThe penalty kick is the same Bronori turns, 0-2. Entella tries to reopen at 23 minutes Magrassi (Paragraph Masulu) and succeeds after a minute, when on the developments of the corners that Karic defeated, mercag Find the winning skew, 1-2. Entella who goes hunting similarly for half an hour with the conclusion Poetry, not much. Ten minutes later, it’s up comforterBut the ball goes high.

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Ferralbesallo – Reggiana 1-0

3′ pass only and result unlocked: warShoot deep, come in front Venturi And defeats him coldly, 1-0. At 18, Garda players go in search of the double with a counterattack that enters its end Venturi in conclusion miracles. Feralbe again at 28 minutes: It’s an attempt Siligardi, a little to the side. Regiana appears in the 34th minute with the closing Sciaudone This is just gaining an angle. Try local again at 42′ with jwidtywhich after great work miraclesHe receives the ball but runs high. In recovery, Reggiana serious with Countess But the defense thwarts the danger. The second half, on 16 ‘good header for the guests Guglielmoti, ball of puff. Regiana again at 22 minutes, Liverani prevents trying rosavio. Feralpisalò answers at 26′ with Ballestero At the end of breakfast: Luciani Keep everything at stake. At 32′ Reggiana is striving to do the same with newly entered Lanini, Liverani He makes the ball his own. Guests who press and try again at 40′: From the conclusion integrity.

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