Juventus, the final is there, the performance is not. Joy is always in the balance

Juventus, the final is there, the performance is not.  Joy is always in the balance

Max could win the Italian Cup, but he has built almost nothing in these three years. Juventus needs a project and clear and decisive options

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April 24 – 08:34 – Milan

In the 82nd minute of the second half, with Lazio leading 2-0 and the first leg tied, the last word in the story between Allegri and Juve seemed to have been written. Juventus were struggling and playing one of their worst games of the season: in line with a very disappointing last 12 days of the tournament in which they collected just 12 points (two wins, six draws and four defeats). But, thanks to a tired Lazio performance that fell seriously short, Allegri at least put Weah and Milik on the field for a few minutes, and suggested the Trident. He was immediately rewarded with the Pole's goal which could still allow Max to win a first title in his second spell with Juventus which has so far been stingy with satisfaction.

In Italy, we are used to celebrating the result apart from the performance: a 2-1 defeat still allowed Juventus to reach the final ahead of them. Atalanta Or Fiorentina, who will compete tonight. But there is no doubt that the development and crisis of the Bianconeri game is still there. Allegri's history, with his trophy-rich record and five consecutive championships with Juve (with two Champions League finals), deserves respect but does not exclude analysis. This year could end with qualifying for the Champions League and winning the only cup played: the club's initial goals will be respected. But it cannot be the Coppa Italia final (whatever happens) that determines whether a coach deserves to have his contract terminated or whether the club must rely on another coach to start a new cycle. Juventus has enjoyed an exceptional era with nine league titles in a row (three from Conte, five from Max and one from Sarri). The historical cycle ended four years ago. In his first appearance of the 2020-21 season, Pirlo finished fourth at -13 behind Inter Conte and it was not the victories in the Coppa Italia and Super Cup that saved him. Allegri returned to Turin at the hands of Agnelli on a 4-year contract. Allegri finished fourth in the 2021-2022 season, -16 behind Milan. Last year they finished seventh at -28 behind Napoli (but without the ten-point penalty they would have been tied for third with Inter at -18). This year, after keeping up with the Nerazzurri's pace in the first round, they now sit third at -22 behind Inter… Reading the numbers So, in the last four years, Juve have finished at -13, -16, -18 and now -22 points off the table. the first. Four years to forget, also full of scandals and changes at the head of the company. The company has made it clear in every way that the main goal this year is to reduce costs and that next season will also not be able to predict crazy expenses: year zero, you have already defined it. John Alcan. But Juventus's history has rarely seen such long periods without a hero. The first Juventus at Max's disposal was on a different level than this: just reread the names. But what seems clear is that in the last three seasons there has been not only a lack of trophies, but above all continuous growth.

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It is not clear what this Juve is: without play and often without spirit, it does not need correction, but it needs a deep review. Today, she is no longer a bird or a bird: she has no identity of her own and no perspective of her own. If Allegri leaves, he will not leave a clear path for his replacement. If Max only stays on a one-year contract, as that seems unlikely, there will be a lot to review. Inter who won this year are not only advanced as a team, but also as an institutional organisation: they have already achieved some important successes in the transfer market which will strengthen the team further. There is a real danger of the gap widening and the possibility of opening a course in Milan. What does Juve want to be? What is his real project? What football idea do you want to take forward? In the fourth year, which has finished astronomical distances from first place, there is a need for a change of pace: to do this you need clear ideas and men capable of implementing them, starting from the bench. If you're not ready to win yet, you need to at least grow year after year to prepare to do so. So far, the numbers say the opposite has happened.

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