Uri: Playing it on Game Pass doesn't help developers says Moon Studios, then defends Microsoft

Uri: Playing it on Game Pass doesn't help developers says Moon Studios, then defends Microsoft

Thomas Mahler, CEO of Moon Studiosis no stranger to statements that can spark debate about video games, and even then he did his part in reporting, it seems, on those games. Ori and the Blind Forest and Ori and the Will of the Wisps on Game Pass doesn't help developersCausing obvious console war chaos.

In fact, it all started with a message in which Mahler thanked users for their support of Moon Studios, probably after showing No Rest for the Wicked, the new game under development by the team, and recommending everyone to support the team by purchasing the new game. Two chapters of Ori on Steam.

At this point someone asked why the Xbox Store wasn't also mentioned as a purchasing channel, to which Mahler responded by saying “because people then get it through Game Pass and that doesn't help Moon Studios.” This generated many comments which were greatly appreciated Console warwhich the CEO of Moon Studios himself tried to remedy by defending Microsoft.

Moon Studios has partially corrected the issue

Image from the game Ori and the Blind Forest

In addition to the fact that the two golds can still be purchased on Xbox, despite being on Game Pass, Mahler probably intends to point out the fact that the team has already received the agreed-upon compensation for including games in the service's catalog upon subscription. So if you want to support him now then it's the best Buy the game in a standard way.

After seeing the trend of the comments, Mahler then corrected his target slightly, responding to the user that it would be foolish to want to see Microsoft exit the video game market as this would worsen the situation overall, as Moon Studios specified that it would not exist without Microsoft nor Even indie console games in general.

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