June 9, 2023

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Juventus has other ideas, Di Maria does not renew: Video is disappointed, he wanted a raise! All details | first page

It was not the Champions League. Or rather, it wasn’t just the Champions League. As Calciomercato.com predicted, there was still plenty to talk about between Juventus and Angel Di Maria’s entourage, Despite openings, even public ones, to renew the contract. this will not come, Prevent new swings are no longer in sight. Because the final cooldown may have come last week, the contract will naturally expire on June 30th after only one year together. Juventus tried to convince Di Maria and his agents, led by Lisandro Pirosanto, but many doubts accompanied the negotiations and the player’s final requests did not match the proposals of Juventus. Break – When you have to, it can shut down, here’s the break So. Also because in a moment of such difficulty for Juventus, the demand for participation has also increased compared to the current time, stiffer than anyone in the Continassa. Instead, the move up has arrived, though it returns with some highlights and many shadows given the investment and player status. Subsequent reversals led to a decline, with the club already feeling let down especially on the last few occasions where he should have made a difference.. UThe decision, however, was to reach a breaking point and not make an official offer to close the deal, which would also have taken Di Maria’s place. However, there is no shortage of alternatives, starting with Barcelona who dream not only of the return of Leo Messi but also of the possibility of joining him with Fideo.