January 29, 2023

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Juventus and Di Maria are closer than ever: the official farewell to Paris Saint-Germain before the last details | first page

Maurizio Arrivabene It was clear on the occasion of his speech in a forum Corriere dello SportJuventus is destined to instantly become stronger and more competitive despite the fact that their excellent farewell list is increasing day by day. Juventus are now committed to forcing Paul Pogba which, among other things, appears to be paying off. Meanwhile he is on his way to the final in a row regarding Angel Di Maria’s race. Indeed, the Argentine welcomed everyone in Paris, and the entire Paris Saint-Germain is also ready to honor him in his last appearance, having also dedicated to him a publication through his channels to wish him well in the future. This, excluding the exciting twists, will be colored in black and white. Constant contacts, Di Maria and Juventus have a common goal to finish the deal as quickly as possible. While for a few days now, optimism has only disappeared from Continassa. Status – There is an agreement on the economic level, between the request for a net salary of 8 million and the offer of 7 we must meet halfway. The real problem to be solved these days is always the one related to the duration of the contracto: Di Maria’s entourage asks for a one-year agreement to fulfill Angel’s wish to immediately return to Argentina in the post-World Cup season, and Juventus insists on a two-year agreement as well (but not only) so that he can take advantage of the tax benefits associated with the growth decree. Anyway, nothing could let the process jump, and now all the clues indicate that the final white smoke is just a matter of time.

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