Inter and Marotta confirm Zielinski: Napoli informed. If approved, we will register him Primabagina

Inter and Marotta confirm Zielinski: Napoli informed. If approved, we will register him  Primabagina

CEO ofInterbaby MarottaTalk to DAZN:

“I'm the top of this structure, maybe because of seniority, I get merit, but I'm from the winning team that doesn't go on the field, Ausilio, Pachin, Zanetti.”

January market – “I must say that what matters is to represent a club that has returned to its importance as it was in 2010. We are seeking to bring in several players. We are testing the waters on Zielinski, we told De Laurentiis. If the deal is done we will sign him up.”

Swelling – “He has always shown that he is talented, but our strength was not to abandon him after the injury. Over time he will show everything he is capable of. It is also important to have a father (Lillian, ed.) Fish.”

Zero parameters – “It arises from the work of the technical field, we monitor and highlight qualified profiles and then go to call to try to negotiate. Today it is easier than when I arrived, we have six other titles, we have created two titles.” “The European Finals, we are in Milan, which is something that attracts fellow players.”

Renewals – “We have no worries, there are no players on release. We want to strengthen the relationship with players who have shown a connection, like Lautaro. He wrote about Barella, yes, quietly as well.”

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The past at Juve – “All the experiences have been important in my professional development. The culture of victory is about pursuing every little detail as fundamental. We are a club with a winning mentality and growth paths, which were paradoxically reinforced in the defeat in Istanbul in the Champions League final. Juventus was fundamental, I “I have improved my skills over the years with professionals from all over the world.”

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Conte – “I would say that at the moment he is an asset to Italian football, and he will be useful to many teams. I would also like to say a word about Simone Inzaghi, who is less experienced than Allegri and Conte but is very good on a personal level and as a player.” A teacher, and the credit for these years goes largely to him.

Bavard “Numbers are what you know. He is a very complete player, whether in the building phase or in the blocking phase.”

Goodbye Juventus – “Many years have passed. When the ownership intends to set a different guideline, it is the manager who has to take a step back. It was right to respect the will of the ownership who wanted to rejuvenate the management. Ronaldo's process in 'Part of the matter I did not agree with, is not There is doubt about the champion but it was at least a challenge. “That's not the main reason he changed, however, I left with a smile and a calm manner.”

Player with unlimited budget – “It's much harder to have money than not to have it. Without money, you go and use your imagination, and look for opportunities, but with money you have a choice. Billingham makes me enjoy…”

Inzaghi's development at Inter Conte – “The cycle started with Spalletti, and Conte honed his winning mentality and playing system, with Inzaghi's football enjoyable and the relationships with the players almost friendly. He gave everyone their own privacy. In the dressing room there is a very positive vibe. They are good guys with important minds.”

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Data – “Data is important, I don’t remember a team that had a goal difference of +41 in February. The biggest risks are in regional stadiums and against small teams, starting with Salernitana in 16 days. The championship and the season are still long.”

After Inter – “I have extended my contract at Zhang's suggestion, and it currently expires in 2027 when I turn 70, after which I will also be on a free transfer. I would like to deal with sports and football at a political level.”

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