Juventus finally! All the details

Juventus finally!  All the details

Turin- Leandro ParedesJuventus, Till the end. It is not just a saying. there smoked white Between the Bianconeri and PSG he arrived in nightless than forty-eight hours from the end of the market and after a new day of indefinite negotiations on the Paris-Turin axis. Smashing ClosedAs expected, they are all happy. Starting with the 28-year-old Argentine midfielder, who for months had only seen himself as a Juventus player like his friend and compatriot Angel. Maria. Juventus and Paris Saint-Germain, who presented the details of the deal to the end, were also satisfied. loan With a right of redemption that can be converted into a liability when certain conditions are met. A process that can cost a total of 20 million between annual rent, final purchase and bonus. Sporting director Federico Cherubini scores VI blowing From the summer after Di Maria, Paul Pogba, Gleason Bremer, Philip Kostik and Arcadius Milik introduce Massimiliano cheerful The Midfielder Central in the viewfinder since the spring. While the French market man, Luis Campos, salutes the former Rome and makes way in the middle for the former Naples Fabian Ruiz, has already been officially concluded (23 million deals). According to filters from environments near Paredes, the director will be in Turin in the evening, and given the tight deadline, he will do the medical examinations already in the morning in Paris. Paredes aims to the invitation to away from home Saturday in Florence. Above all, in less than a week, he will return under the Eiffel Tower as a contender, along with Di Maria, in Allegri’s debut in the Champions League.

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decisive signal

Self ParedesIn fact, he became a Juventus player late in the evening Signal That the deal that was opened has already arrived in the afternoon. “Paredes has his head elsewhere, he has an agreement with Juventus,” Paris coach Christophe explained at the conference. Galter, announcing the exclusion of the 28-year-old midfielder from the squad for tonight’s match in Toulouse. After a lot of bench, “cut.” So Paredes stayed at home awaiting approval from both clubs and his representatives to start the new adventure. The Street Free Arrived at night and today will arrive in former Rome and Empoli Turin To officially start the new adventure in Serie A.

Arsenal, no thanks

Paredes I imagined in court cheerful For a while, but he was patient and had until the last word with Juventus. The Argentine kept the “iron agreement” with the Juventus managers even when it seemed that the deal did not go off. Thus, after the “No, thanks” to advance Liverpoolin the last hours the midfielder also refused a courtArsenal. An iron determination that ultimately made the difference.

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