AC Milan – Vicenza 6-1: De Kittelari debut, Tonali and Messi injured

AC Milan – Vicenza 6-1: De Kittelari debut, Tonali and Messi injured

The big wait ended at the 75th minute, when Charles de Kettleri appeared for the first time with a shirt Milan. Many returned to August 23, 2003 in Cesena, Milan – Bucharest National, Ricardo Kaka’s first time in the Rossoneri, hoping that the love story will be equally full of glory. with the match Vicenza At the time now closed (Milan were already 6-1 ahead), the approach was soft, plenty of space and a bit of pressure, but in the first few minutes with the new jersey it was fine. A couple of interesting thoughts, I left a little, waiting for what would be.

Milan Vicenza, Tomori’s fault

Not that there has been a lack of grounds for interest before, with a team already on the ball considering their league debut in a week at San Siro against Udinese, and this from Vicenza bringing home another goal, 6-1, after five goals. for Wolfsberger. However, the start was shocking, as Vicenza took the lead after 19 seconds: a cross from the left, Tomori Headless and winning pumpkin Rolvini. The cold goal awakened Milan, who from that moment dominated the match, relying on his devastating left wing that could not be curbed.

Double Rebek

All four goals came from there and turned the game around in over 20 minutes: in the 11th minute, a very fast ball from right to left with all the first touches from Diaz, Tonali and Rebic to help. Liao The Portuguese lottery. At 21 ‘Liao transverse from the left and vertical out Messiason a 30′ percussion by Hernandez, exchanged with Leao and assisted in the center for a touchdown on the net by RebekTwo minutes later, the French are still in the center Deviation in Dalmonte’s own door.

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In the second half the music did not change, as Milan scored its fifth goal after five minutes Tomori, who hit the net at the corner of Ben Nasser (again from the left). In the 69th minute, the sixth goal also arrived: Diaz’s header to Rebek The Croatian goal came face to face with the goalkeeper.

Tonali, close-up injury

The negative (but not insignificant) news was the injuries: in particular Tonali, was forced to leave a few minutes into the second half due to a problem with his left adductor, with the midfielder immediately leaving the field with his head down. The other, apparently less dangerous, than MessiasHe came out limping with a problem in his left ankle. Tomorrow in Milanello against Pergolettese for players who are not used to Menti or those, like De Ketelaere, who have to put more minutes in their legs to quickly get to the mechanics of Pioli.

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