Taremi-Inter, an agreement soon in the summer: here are the details | Primapagina

Taremi-Inter, an agreement soon in the summer: here are the details |  Primapagina
The January transfer window should present no surprises, by anticipating Buchanan's arrival the Nerazzurri have effectively plugged the only gap in the squad., if we focus exclusively on the numerical aspect. However, if we expand the discussion to include performance, we probably still have to do something on offense, given that Neither Arnautovic nor Sanchez has met expectations so far. But that is another matter and in any case there will not be enough resources to intervene further in the market without planning a sale first.

Via Sanchez – However, the problem still exists, and in Viale della Liberazione they are working to improve things at least in the future, also taking into account that In June, Sanchez will be certain to leave due to the expiration of his contract. For this reason, Ausilio and Pashin remained in close contact for several weeks with the entourage looking after the interests of Mehdi Taremi., a striker who was very close to Milan last summer but also spoke to Inter. So it was a matter of taking the file and bringing it back to the top, which is also a convenient option, given that The Iranian player, like Sanchez, is scheduled to be released on a free transfer next June, by separating from Porto.Where he arrived in the 2020-21 season.

Numbers – The latest contacts are very recent, the parties are now very close and Tarmey could be the first signing for next season. Thus, he becomes the first Iranian in the history of Inter, as he joins the Nerazzurri club with a three-year contract worth about 3 million euros per season. This is no small amount, considering that the Growth Decree (the measure guaranteeing government assistance on wages) is now just a memory. Taremi and Inter are very close. We are facing a fateful confrontation. “All we are missing is a signature.”

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