Classical dance between art and science in my cultures Biogem

Classical dance between art and science in my cultures Biogem

The first appointment in September for Two Cultures at Biogem will be a conference to present Professor Flavia Pappacena’s book The Classical Dance between Art and Science. The event, scheduled for Monday afternoon, starting at 18:00, could depend on the participation of the author of the script, accompanied by his curator Valerio Bacciano, and later include an exhibition on the theme of mathematics and dance acrobatics, Erica Okonero.

The evening will end with a “two-part dialogue”, between Viola Andrea Di Martino and violin Ricardo Zamoner, to the music of Bach, Mozart, Sibelius, Handel, Halvorsen, marking a great start to a very intense month ahead of conferences at Biogem.

First published in 2014 and now in its third edition, Classical Dance Between Art and Science presents an original path of knowledge where theoretical concepts, stylistic aspects, and technical issues are confronted with a cross-sectional view.

“In the text – Professor Bacciano – expects inspiration from the great masters of the past and the many references to visual arts and anatomy are accompanied by a rich iconographic collection of more than 400 illustrations (many in colour), selected from drawings, old prints, archival photographs and custom-made educational images.”

From the anatomical tables of Andrea Vesalio (1542) to Raphael’s paintings, from Leonardo da Vinci’s sketches to the sketches of Agrippina Vaganova’s Dance Guide, everything – notes Paciano at last – speaks to the reader in a vivid and direct way the language that translates, in the dancer, into the conscious and intense execution of knowledge ».

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