Juventus fans in trouble after Paris Saint-Germain – Juventus

Juventus fans in trouble after Paris Saint-Germain – Juventus

In the field “Princes’ Garden” From Paris, during the match between Paris Saint-Germain and the JuventusJuventus supporters become serious champions discriminatory ring Reverse Naples And the Neapolitans. Now they are risking dire consequences.

Juventus fans (Getty Images)

four ultras of Juventus They were arrested and will be tried – according to Le Parisien – in the French capital for Public incitement to racial hatred. Visiting supporters sang the choir of regional discrimination against Naples As a gesture of defiance towards the hosts. Indeed, over the years, a true friendship was born between Parisians and Napoli fans, culminating in many friendly matches between fans.

in the last period Spells of this kind increased dramatically; In the last two away matches Rome and FlorenceNapoli supporters were targeted with discriminatory insults. They responded sarcastically to the vulgar insults they received, and sang the song themselves “The eruption of Vesuvius”, Also on the music streaming platform spotifylater deleted by the latter.

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