“This is how you win the scudetto,” Spalletti then comments

“This is how you win the scudetto,” Spalletti then comments

The one seen so far is the Naples Which really raises enthusiasm and dreams, this first part of the blue season was accompanied by great proactive football and strong team spirit.

with a start Globalism Thus, with a hiatus of about two months, the big doubt hanging over all teams is how they will bounce back after such an anomalous hiatus.

Napoli, Serie A (Photo by Francesco Pecoraro/Getty Images)

About this and not just talked about Rod Kroll former player in Naples And the ajaxOn microphones 1 football cluband broadcast on 1 radio station.

“Napoli play the best football in Italy,” Krol says without brakes

These are his words:

Napoli can win the Scudetto:”Much will depend on the physical and psychological condition of the players returning from the World Cup. I hope there are no injuries to them. Only by working hard can you win the scudettoNapoli deserves to go all the way because He plays the best football in Italy and perhaps currently in Europe as well“.

on Spalletti:”Spalletti’s training courses are exemplaryThis group is the fruit of work. Training sessions start with a young bull, but then you work really hard. But Spalletti jokes a lot with his players, it’s essential for a group of players.”

Michaels vs. Spalletti: “I haven’t seen all of Luciano’s exercises, But I noticed that the ideas and projects of work carried out by Naples were similar to ours in the past. I don’t like football today very much, Napoli, on the other hand, play a different kind of football, consisting of deep and vertical throws.

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