“We have regrets. Inter or Milan? There is a favourite.”

“We have regrets. Inter or Milan? There is a favourite.”

Leonardo Bonucci Talk to me tonightSupertelyOn DAZN. The Juventus defender spoke of yesterday’s victory over Venice – which came thanks to his victory Gun – but also its season Juventus:

There is regret that we lost points on the road and in hindsightWith a few more points, we can fight until the end of the tournament. These are mistakes that can be made, we have qualified for the Champions League and we hope to do better next year, both in Italy and in Europe.

Bonucci, Juventus

Defeat against Villarreal? I understand the reactions of the masses. Living from abroad was more difficult. Unfortunately, I missed important matches this year, whether with the national team or with Juventus, This is a big regret. But now I’m fine and I want to do my best

The Juventus defender is back While moving to Milan: “As everyone knows, Juventus comes first for me. So from going away that year (To Milan, editor) It was a choice dictated by moments of disappointment, Anger and frustration but were erased. You learn from mistakes Today I am happy to set an example for the younger ones, and I hope to continue to do so, at least for the next two years.

Vlahovic? I think he needs to understand that he should play with less frenzy When the ball is between his feet. He is now required to catch the ball to get the team up, and he has to figure out the right thing to do each time. It’s normal that sometimes he can overdo things because he’s young, but we are We stick with Doosan because he has given us enthusiasm and goals since his arrival. He is a very important player for us

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Everyone wants itReplay the match with 80% of the ball and have fun. Then there are also games in which the score is calculated. A combination of the two would be the best solution, but this is not always possible. We need to improve in some aspects, we paid a little for the inexperience of many young people in the team, but I think there is a basis to do something important.

On the Scudetto fightFinally, Bonucci added:To watch the missed matches, Inter seems to be a favorite because they have more affordable matches. It’s exciting to live this championship battle even if it was a pity not to be there because a few more points would have been enough. But as soccer fans, that’s great, we’re cheering for a great tournament until the end“.

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