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Good news in Rome, especially for Jose Mourinho. Giallorossi are ready to close one of the pillars of the defensive division. An agreement was found to renew the contract.

Special One can smile, it’s now only a matter of time for the official status of the pact found in the past few hours. The Portuguese coach doesn’t give a lot of confidence to his many reserves, but he is definitely cementing a team that looks a lot tighter today. This is the next step towards the future Rome, renewal is now one step away.

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Good news for MouGiallorossi continues to move relentlessly in light of the January market. Attention is paid not only to the destination of revenue, but also to the departures. On the one hand there is a large group of football players carrying bags in their hand, Many refused to say goodbye In view of the repair window. On the other hand I Mourinho’s fans They continue to do well, with very special tops. The Honorary Roma is seeing several players grow in level, exponentially in some cases. Just think of Lorenzo Pellegrini, the number 7 and captain of Giallorossi is among the best interpreters in Rome to date, as his stellar start to the season concluded with the signing of a contract renewal.

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Good news for Mourinho, an agreement has been reached on the renewal

Pellegrini تجديد regeneration It appears to be just the beginning of many contract extensions at Giallorossi’s house. The company’s will is clear, to secure the talent available to Mou, with a focus on the January market. Having armed the captain, now is the time for the vice, to the delight of the Roma fans.

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All that is specified for the renewal of the contract Gianluca ManciniIt’s been in the air for some time. As the site reports Cannons will be armored in the Giallorossi until 2026. A salary adjustment is also expected, with the 23rd currently earning $2 million in addition to bonuses. A clear step forward for him, the defender will realize 3.5 million per season. The agreement is found, the signature is one step away, only the official announcement is missing. The marriage between Roma and Gianluca Mancini will continue.

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