Juventus, Elkann: No intention of giving up on a serious passion. lambs? Series of unsupported allegations | first page

Juventus, Elkann: No intention of giving up on a serious passion.  lambs?  Series of unsupported allegations |  first page

John Elkann won’t give up on Juventus: He has no intention of giving up one of his grandfather’s ‘strong feelings’. This was confirmed by the CEO and number one of Exor himself in an interview with Why Equuswhere he also talked about the moment and future of his cousin Andrea Agnelliformer president of Juventus FC: “Andrea is still a shareholder of Giovanni Agnelli B.V., where he sits on the board of directors. He has done a very important job as president of Juventus for ten years. He has decided with the board of directors of the company to take a step back to better defend against them. A series of claims that, to date, have never been proven. He says he wants to end this chapter in his career and is looking at his options Calcioefinanza.it.

Youve the future – Referring to the fact that the Agnelli dynasty will celebrate this year the 100th anniversary of Juventus ownership, Elkan added: “It is a strong bond that has withstood various crises during its existence.” Despite this turmoil, Exor’s number one player also confirmed They have no intention of letting go of one of their “grandfather’s strong emotions.”.

I remember – “I have always admired my grandfather’s courage. If there is one example he gave me, it is that he always carried out his responsibilities, in difficult times and despite the ups and downs he had”, added the Alcaken, remembering the grandfather, lawyer Gianni Agnelli. “First with FCA, then with Stellantis, we continued with a serious project. His goal was to have the dimensions to be able to compete globally. He would be very proud to see Stellantis today and see how, with the Peugeot family at our side as reference shareholders and Carlos Tavares as Managing Director, we are committed to building “The Mobile Technology Company”, a world leader in sustainable mobility. All the companies associated with their local area (Peugeot, Citroën, Fiat, Jeep, Ram, etc.) are much stronger than being part of the same Stellantis family. The Netherlands is a country that has always favored companies Multinational. The brands we control are vital because they belong to Stellantis and respect its identity.”

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