Juventus Casey, Barcelona’s requests and Giuntoli’s plan to convince Frank | first page

Juventus Casey, Barcelona’s requests and Giuntoli’s plan to convince Frank |  first page

Juventus has a plan, Cristiano Giuntoli in particular. And it’s a plan that generally looks good for Barcelona as well, Although no agreement has been found on the overall evaluation and formula: in short, the negotiation is still far from being able to really define itself in the heart, let alone the details. But that doesn’t seem to be the biggest hurdle when it comes to Frank Casey at the Continassa. Conviction flows from the Juventus environment, but the player is still missing (if not always) the most important factor in a negotiation. Because the first responses received from the Juventus management are those of those who first want to better understand their role at Barcelona and then perhaps explore the market in the English Premier League or the very rich league in Saudi Arabia. Strategy – Reactions are recorded in Juventus, but with the confidence of those in the know they still manage to convince Casey and his entourage, perhaps without haste. On the other hand, transfers must be managed first, especially in midfield: Arthur is paving the way, Denis Zakaria is waiting for the West Ham final, and the issue linked to Boston McKinney seems to be more complicated. Then the Vlahović-Lukaku plot is a priority today given the lack of urgency in midfield, at least in numerical terms. And Then we work slowly, looking for an agreement with Barcelona that seems possible even if it is not very close: Barcelona wants at least 20 million, Juventus will not exceed 15, and the distance between the right to buy and the semi-automatic commitment is really one up. Waiting for the time for Giuntoli’s leadership to convince Kessié, and perhaps take advantage of a market that at the moment is still keeping turns.

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