Starfield and Redfall have major development problems, says Hi-Fi Rush leaker –

Starfield and Redfall have major development problems, says Hi-Fi Rush leaker –

starfield And Redfall they will Big problems with the Development According to Horns, a mysterious leaker who correctly predicted Hi-Fi Rush’s announcement a few hours before the game’s reveal during Developer_Direct.

Redfall finally has a release date, while Starfield will be the protagonist of a separate event, but according to this source, the behind-the-scenes situation for both titles is being produced by Microsoft It wouldn’t be the best actually.

In fact, Horns argues, the development of Redfall was rushed and that the project is currently still rough, while Bethesda will receive stress To launch Starfield in June to raise funds ahead of the current fiscal year’s financial report after negative second quarter results.

Although it is obvious that it is a rumor, and as such it must be taken into account, the scenario described by the leaker seems plausible, if we consider that the Redmond house should practically survive the year 2022 Without intense initial games.

Microsoft can therefore feel like it is breathing in its neck now, in view of the year 2023 which will necessarily be the year of revenge: perhaps it is also for this reason that the company has given the green light to small but interesting projects, to be realized in a short time, such as Hi-Fi Rush has just arrived.

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