March 23, 2023

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Iran attack for 90 minutes but beat Wales from 97 minutes onwards: 2-0 via Çeşme and Rezaian | first page

90 minutes wasn’t enoughIran to overcome resistance WellsHowever, the maximum recoveries to be served in this edition of the World Cup were in favor of Queiroz’s men, who scored goals starting in the 97th minute. Kishmi and Rezaian. 3 points in the standings, England – USA awaits.

the match – In the first half to score a goal disallowed a Julie Zadeh For a slight infiltration upon suggestion We are determinedWells fails to make herself dangerous. Queiroz realizes that his team is holding the field well and continues with attacking behavior even in the second half, when the Asians shoot. two poles within a few seconds. So you need a real miracle Hennessy to avoid Glory be to God Hit the bottom right corner from the outside. The Welsh goalkeeper falls a few minutes from time Tarimis Ansarivard gets out of the area and gets knocked out, coming close for the big hit. Iran is trying every way In the 97th minute, after 9 minutes of extra time, he found the net with a kick from Cesme, Everyone gets a little stunned. Iran deservedly wins by shutting it down shortly after with a goal Rezaian He skips Wales, and now the chances of qualifying are greatly increased.

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