Juventus, Di Maria and Paredes gesture infuriates the fans

Juventus, Di Maria and Paredes gesture infuriates the fans

In the second year of Max Allegri Great things were expected of Juventus, which is disappointing at the moment by all expectations. It is clear, however, that the errors can not only be attributed to the Tuscan coach, but also most of the players in the team do not perform as expected.

In particular, new purchases clearly excluded Arik Malik He’s been doing what he was bought for in the last few games: goals. Yesterday’s match against Benfica Introduce the idea of ​​a messy team, without a real idea of ​​how to survive on the field. Contrary to what it takes to do well in football in general, not just in Europe.

Juventus by Maria Paredes

A person who is not used to playing without ideas is definitely Angel Di Mariawhich always manages to set high level plays. the videowith his compatriot Paredesthe protagonist became an extremely negative gesture at the end of yesterday’s race.

Perhaps he was upset with the way the match was approached and as the team passed, the two Argentines left the field while the rest of the team was assembled under Curva Sud to publicly apologize. This gesture did not escape fans.

Leonardo Costigliola

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