A teaser image of the new game, shared by Jeff again. Next ad?

A teaser image of the new game, shared by Jeff again.  Next ad?

We know that Hideo Kojima is working on a VR game that will be announced at Tokyo Game ShowIn these hours, the Japanese producer and game designer immediately shared a mysterious teaser image on his social profiles Shared by close friend Jeff Kelly.

In fact, the image in question does not allow us to understand much about the nature of the project. The poster shows a girl with long light hair and a face hidden in darkness. Covered with the words Who am I?. Note, however, that there is a certain icon at the bottom, which is an icon that could actually be the game’s logo.

The Kojima Productions website It does not provide specific evidence in this regard, Image has been renamed 0XF7K4P59BX0 In addition to the page you host, we do not know, however, whether this sequence could provide us with information about the alleged title of the game.

At this point, curiosity is clearly mountingNowadays, the Tokyo Game Show officially starts today and ends on September 18th. Hideo Kojima is developing an Xbox game with Microsoft The Redmond House will hold a show on September 15th at 11:00am Italian time. Are the two related or not? We’ll find out in the next few hours, maybe already during the day today.

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