Juventus capital gains: search for the new document linked to the “Coffisock Card”

Juventus capital gains: search for the new document linked to the “Coffisock Card”

Lawyers for Parachi and Cherubini want to understand the content of the first letter from which the memorandum of April 14, 2021 from the Federal Prosecutor’s Office arose.

If all of this happened in a football match, we would already be impatient as the match continued to be interrupted. Juventus may have scored a goal, but the progression has not yet been validated, at the moment there is nothing to brag about. After an appeal by Cherubini and the former Paratici, the club perfectly manages to get Var to review the episode: in the first review, however, nothing relevant, even if a new shot appears and … yes, if this is Juve-Salernitana (As the last goal was disallowed “It was a mistake but we are not responsible”), Allegri still hopes to add two more points to the fifty he remembers winning on the pitch. However, here we are in the courtrooms and it gets more complicated because there are 15 points – on the table – and Juventus would like to recover them all.


The famous “Kofisuk Card” would be almost harmless, for the purposes of the capital gains realization that currently forces Juventus to travel in the championship with only 35 points due to the penalty. But then, why did FIFA want to appeal to the Council of State to refute the ruling of the Lazio Regional Administrative Court that imposed the “explaining clarifications” of the Federal Prosecutor’s Office contained in a note dated April 14, 2021 to be delivered to the defense lawyers? The FA, which would have liked to defend the independence of its judicial body in this way, always referred to it as an internal act: but the Administrative Tribunal decided to regard it as “at least provisionally tacit”. It turns out that the Federal Prosecutor, Giuseppe Chen, writes in the six pages to the President of Covisoc on the subject of capital gains citing the cases of Chievo, Cesena, Perugia and Atalanta again, where he himself poses the question of the method of identifying possible fraud. On the adjusted ratings of soccer players.

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The new card

Juventus was not mentioned in that document, which would have invalidated the whole process due to the normal shift of the investigation’s start date (thus rendering acts executed after 17 July 2021 unusable). Why then can’t we restart the match while we’re still on VAR? The answer lies in new details that emerge precisely from the content of the just-disclosed document: The subject of the communication refers to “acknowledgment of the Covisoc Memorandum dated March 31, 2021.” Here, too, we do not realize what those correspondences will contain, but it is likely that we will again encounter a scenario that – in the case of referring to Juventus – could risk blowing everything up, and expect the action to start further. Attorneys for Cherubini and Paratici will continue on this front. While Juventus awaits the announcement of the Coni Guarantee Board, which examines a hundred pages of the club’s appeal, divided into ten points.

other dates

15 penalty points are expected to be answered between March 31 and April 3 at the latest: from that moment Allegri and his players will understand whether or not they can really count on all the points won on the pitch (which would be worth second place in the standings today) . By the end of the month, Cheney will also have to finish investigations in the parallel direction of the capital gains investigation, that is, those that put the lens on two salary maneuvers carried out by Juventus in the Covid period and suspicious partnerships – due to agreements contained in some “collateral letters” – that could have been For Juventus to hold it with other clubs in the First Division. A second extension of forty days has been requested by the federal prosecutor, after the 21st: while the Turin public prosecutor, who will decide on the 27th whether to charge the twelve Juventus executives who have been investigated with the club, sends them to other public prosecutors ( According to the territorial jurisdiction over the other companies involved in the negotiations) the documents collected on the various agreements that ended up under the lens. of the plaintiffs.

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