“As long as I can achieve results I will play,” then comment on the injury!

“As long as I can achieve results I will play,” then comment on the injury!

Zlatan IbrahimovicMs., who has been on pause since May to recover from knee surgery, spoke to Mic CNNAmerican broadcaster.

Al-Suwaidi captured the reasons that still drive him to want to play, despite the age of forty, his injury, and the possibility of his retirement.

Ibrahimovic Milan injury

The interview with Ibra

These are his sayings:

at the moment: “I have a lot of passion for my game. Now I have a different situation with my age and with my teammates but I enjoy every day because I think when you stop playing football you will miss him so much that you don’t want to have any regrets to say I should. Keep playing”.

On younger comrades: “I try to stay on top of these guys by working hard and keeping up with the pace”.

to withdraw: “I want to be healthy, and as long as I’m at that level I’ll keep playing to see how far I can go. As long as I can get results, I’ll keep playing. On the day I slow down, I want people around me to be honest and say it’s slowing down and after That would be real.

on knee injury: I emptied my knee once a week for six months. Pain relievers every day for six months. I barely slept six months because of the pain. I didn’t suffer much on and off the field.”.

About the reasons: “I think in my case I have that drive, I want to get better every day. I have the mentality that if I don’t work hard enough, I’m not going to feel good. And I think that takes you away, it takes you to a level where you’re challenging your body because it’s about challenging yourself. To How far can you go? How far can you push your body?”.

On the first injury at United: “It was my first major injury, so it was all new to me. So I didn’t really know what was waiting for me, what was waiting for me when I found myself in this situation. At first I was a bit scared because I didn’t know if I could Back or what would happen. But slowly I faced the situation day by day. It was more of a mental problem: I had to stay calm, be patient and, say, do a boring workout”.

On the differences in the Premier League and the First Division: “Money brings possibilities. But that also makes it exciting because it becomes a challenge for Italian clubs to beat other foreign clubs… We are still professional players and the ball is still something round for everyone and we are doing the same”.

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