Empoli-Sassuolo 2-2: Live news live

Empoli-Sassuolo 2-2: Live news live
  • Where the match will be held:

    Stadium: Carlo Castellani Stadium – Computer Gross Arena
    City: Empoli
    Capacity: 19,795 spectators1.46 pm

    Source: Getty Images
  • Welcome to the direct match in the 13th round of the Italian League, facing Empoli and Sassuolo.1.46 pm

  • Empoli is coming off a thrilling 0-1 away win over Napoli, while Sassuolo is coming off a 2-2 draw at home with Salernitana.1.47 pm

  • Empoli formation (4-3-1-2): Berisha; Berezinski, Ismagli, Luberto, Casacci; Fazzini, ranocchia, salty; Cancelleri, Cambiaggi; Kabuto.1.49 pm

  • Sassuolo formation (4-2-3-1): Tip; Toljan, Erlich, Ferrari, Vetti; Poloka, Henrique. Berardi, Thorstedt, Llorente; Pinamonti.2.07 pm

  • Empoli bench: Bastoni, Caprelli, Destro, Ebouehi, Grassi, Guarino, Gyasi, Kovalenko, Maldini, Marin, Beresan, Shependi, and Walkiewicz.2.09 pm

  • Sassuolo substitute bench: Bajrami, Casteljo, Cid, Cragno, Defrel, Ferrari, Libani, Messori, Molatieri, Pedersen, Pegolo, Rasic, Fina, Volpato.2.10 pm

  • Andreazzoli’s picks: The 11 players who beat Maradona in the last round have been confirmed. Not even Baldance on the bench, with Cancelleri and Cambiaggi behind Caputo.2.10 pm

  • Dionissi’s picks: Among the Neroverdi ranks, Vitti has adapted as a left-back with Vina’s exit. Henrique returns to midfield alongside Poloka. Bajrami confirmed in the front area.2.11 pm

  • Empoli have won three of their last five Serie A matches against Sassuolo (2 points), having managed just two wins in all seven previous matches (5 points).1.55 pm

  • Sassuolo have only earned 12 points in this tournament: in their Serie A history only in 2013/14 (10) and 2017/18 (8) have they performed worse after the first 12 games of the season.1.55 pm

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  • 1′

    The first half of the Empoli-Sassuolo match begins!3.01 pm

  • 3′

    Just three minutes later, Empoli were awarded a penalty kick: a foul by Vitti on Cambiaggi and a penalty kick for the home team.3.15 pm

  • 4′

    Goal! Empoli – Sassuolo 1-0 Net by Francesco Caputo! The home team striker calmly takes the penalty kick. I can not do anything. advice.

    Take a look at Francesco Caputo’s player profile3.06 pm

    Francesco Caputo
  • 9′

    The reaction of Sassuolo trying to make himself dangerous with first Berardi and then Thorstveit: in both cases two conclusions that do not frighten the Empoli goalkeeper appreciably.3.15 pm

  • 12′

    Goal! Empoli – Sassuolo 1-1 Net for Andrea Pinamonti! The Sassuolo striker scored the equalizer with a brilliant header after a corner kick.

    Check out Andrea Pinamonti’s player profile3.13 pm

    Andrea Pinamonti
  • 17′

    Empoli continues to attack constantly and wins two corners in the space of a few minutes. However, there is little danger to Conselli, who is well covered by Sassuolo’s backline.3.19 pm

  • 20′

    Chance for Sassuolo, who responds to a positive Empoli moment: precise cross for Thorstedt, good at turning and finishing with his left foot. Be careful of Berisha as he makes the ball his own, blocking it in two stages.3.22 pm

  • 23′

    Goal! Empoli – Sassuolo 1-2 Matthews Henrique net! Great work from Sassuolo who found the advantage with Henrique’s goal: an accurate header and an assist from Toljan, who was very good at calibrating a perfect cross to head his team-mate.

    Check out Matheus Henrique’s profile3.24 pm

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    Matthews Henrique
  • 25′

    Yellow card for Jacopo Fazzini.3.26 pm

  • 30′

    Goal! Empoli – Sassuolo 2-2! Goal by Jacopo Fazzini! Continuous movement from Cancellieri with Fazzini, who is good at penetrating the ball, catching the ball himself, and finishing the ball from a long distance, causing Cancellieri to miss the equaliser.

    Take a look at Jacopo Fazzini’s player profile3.32 pm

    Jacopo Fazzini
  • 32′

    Yellow card for Youssef El Maleh.3.32 pm

  • 37′

    Chance for Empoli with a treacherous long-range shot from Ranocchia: Conselli did a good job of relaxing and avoiding further risks.3.40 pm

  • 40′

    Yellow card for Matthews Henrique.3.44 pm

  • 45′

    One minute of stoppage time was allowed.3.46 pm

  • 45’+1′

    The first half of the match between Empoli and Sassuolo ended: Caputo and Fazzini scored for the hosts, Pinamonti and Matthews Henrique for the visitors.3.48 pm

  • Really crackling first half in Castellani. The two teams faced off face to face without any interruption, and the result broke the deadlock after only 3 minutes thanks to a penalty kick scored by Caputo without problems. From that moment on, Sassuolo came out immediately, even being able to turn things around with first Pinamonti’s header and then Henrique’s. However, a second equalizer came on the half-hour mark, with Fazzini making it 2-2 just before half-time.3.50 pm

  • Both teams will probably try to control the ball and slow the pace down a bit, but then they will be ready for a new attacking effort towards the end. In this sense, keep an eye on the cards on the bench such as Gyasi and Destro on one side and Bajrami and Castillejo on the other.3.51 pm

  • 46′

    The second half of the Empoli-Sassuolo match begins!4.02 pm

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