Champions League, Juventus make history and beat Lyon 2-1

Champions League, Juventus make history and beat Lyon 2-1

Believe“Before he went out to the field he said that Montemoro For his team who listened to his coach and reassembled a leon Very strong, taking advantage of the numerical superiority and the conclusion of the first leg of the quarter-finals UEFA Women’s Champions League 2-1. At the start of the race there is the first question and answer: after only forty seconds have passed cascarino puts in the way to macario That from a nearby shot high up; On the coup in front of a more tempting opportunity for the Bianconer with Hurtigwho benefits from the signed chaos Bouhadi Renard But the precious goal of the devouring advantage, a stone’s throw from the goal. However, the French paid, and at 8 o’clock they hit the mark with the number 13 macariowhich turns the head with the precise help of Pasha And signed 1-0. Juventus is under pressure from Lyon but defends well, giving more space to the opponent only in the 31st minute, with macario Who tries the right and does not hit the mirror. After a few minutes, it was Pasha, who runs a lot in the left lane, who sticks Baird Magnin With a cross shot, but the home keeper keeps a good keeper and moves away. at 35 minutes Mallard He frees himself in the area and beats the Juventus goalkeeper, very close to scoring, but baby walkers Massive and saves the goal line during the referee Babysitter call intrusion. formation Bombastor He has the game in hand, runs the ball and does not allow a restart gamma And his teammates, and they also get new good chances at the end of the first half like he owns Mallardwho finds Grid but is still trapped outside.

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Juventus overturns the Lyon champion: What a party in the stadium!

Lyon in the tenth minute, the return of Girelli and Bonfantini

at 55 minutes mbouk steal the ball a Cernoia and he serves MallardWho kicks hard but doesn’t worry in the least Baird Magnin. At 59′ Leon again with Pasha, which proves the accident with the conclusion that comes out aloft; next one carpenter Putting a delicious ball in the middle, the Juventus defense thwarts the danger and sends a corner kick. At 62′ the French stayed at ten: Cernoia On the midfield steals the ball a carpenter And he goes alone towards BohdadiThe Australian makes a mistake as the last man and has to leave the field. The old lady is galvanized and the number 7 after sitting cascarino With his excellent left-handed ability, he takes the crossbar. At 71′ roar: Lunddorf Crosses, Bouhadi comes out but does not catch the ball that ends between my feet baby walkersWho blows the net and blows up the playing field. At 79′ the new entry is also shown bonancy, which shoots from a distance is really powerful but inaccurate. At 83, the old lady pushes and flips Bonfantinewho takes charge of Girrelli and with the help of Karuso He performs a perfect diagonal and scores the score 2-1.

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