Have a look at this supercar what are the prices

Have a look at this supercar what are the prices

Chinese cars are famous for being much cheaper than Western cars, but is that really the case? Maybe not.

Chinese cars have gone crazy in the global auto market in recent years, despite the unforgettable past on four wheels. Indeed, unlike its Japanese “cousins”, the most important eastern country has never had a special connection with cars.

Chinese supercar, anything but cheap mondofuoristrada.it

Certainly, at least for now. Because in 2023 things could easily change, complete with eternal cliches. In fact, how many times have we heard that Chinese cars are notoriously less expensive?

Well, that is not the case in this case. In fact, the price list for this model is really impressive. Let’s talk about this car, which was built by a company increasingly immersed in the automotive sector: we are referring to the Chinese BYD.

BYD is serious: screaming performance to challenge Tesla and Porsche

BYD is doing more and more to gain space and approval within the automotive world, and to endorse its new 100% electric supercar: it’s called Yangwang U9 and ready to challenge giants like Tesla and Porsche.

The car in question has already been presented and it is a car that is distinguished by its very attractive design and high-level performance; The latter, capable of making Western racing car concern as noble as it is exceptional. The U9 features a 100% electric motor that consists of four individual motors, each mounted on a single wheel.

Each engine has around 300 horsepower, with total performance approaching 1,200 horsepower from peak power. The four electric units can manage power and torque individually, and electronically adjust traction. A system that allows the car to go around in circles as if it were a tank. According to various sources, Yangwang U9 can go from o to 100 in less than 2 seconds; The maximum speed and range are not yet known.

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Cheap Chinese cars? Completely disjointed cliché

Speaking of design, the U9 is very Western from this point of view. In fact, it has a modern and attractive design. The lines of this car resemble those of a European supercar of the caliber of McLaren. The front area features large LED headlights that elegantly merge into a single element with the front bumper.

BYD's latest work is an expensive flaming supercar (web source) March 10, 2023 mondofuoristrada.it
BYD’s latest work is a supercar on fire (web source) Mondofuoristrada.it is very expensive

At the rear, however, you can see a horizontal LED strip that runs along the entire width of the car and is combined with a small rear spoiler. The roof is glossy black: a perfect contrast with the rest of the bodywork.

The price of this car is 1 million yuan, which is about 150 thousand euros at the current exchange rate. As for the list for Westerns, it’s still too early to get one. Even if we don’t have to wait that long.

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