Juventus Berardi: tears, missed pleas and co-ownership. every time they touch each other | first page

Juventus Berardi: tears, missed pleas and co-ownership.  every time they touch each other |  first page

Domenico Berardi has been a longtime passion for Juventus. After flirting more or less in recent years, in recent weeks the Bianconeri are once again thinking of the Sassuolo striker. He turned 29 two weeks ago, the black and green to start his job demanded no less than 30 million euros; For now, no concrete offers have arrived yet, but Giuntoli’s idea is to cut the cash part by trying to get some analogues in.

Shared ownership – Today the player will feel ready to make a big leap; In fact, that’s what he’d wanted for two years already. Last summer he was close to Fiorentina, and now it can be done under Juventus. Just like the summer of 2014, when the Bianconeri did their best to try and grab it. Berardi had just finished his first season in Serie A with 16 goals. It was his debut year in Napoli and poker in Milan, and also marked Sassuolo’s historic first Serie A win in the derby with Bologna.. The card is halfway between Neroverdi and Juventus, who he would like to win back that summer to take him to Turin.

Calls are not answered – Allegri had just arrived on the bench at the Bianconeri and among the requests to the management was Berardi’s name, and Marotta immediately pressed to open negotiations. with Sassuolo? No, with the player. One, two, three calls a day. Allegri tried and tried. Domenico’s phone rang in vain, but he was in his hands. But he didn’t want to answer. They continued like this almost all summer, with Berardi not even being found to say no to Juventus. Yes, that’s right: he was attached to the Squinzi family and wanted to stay at Sassuolo, at the age of 20 he didn’t feel like making that important leap.

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The first player to succeed The following summer, Neroverdi reached an agreement with Juventus and received the striker’s full price for €10 million. The joint ownership dissolved, and Berardi has not moved since that day. And to believe that Juventus already touched it when he was younger and played at the football school “Il Castello” in Merto Crocia, a small village in the province of Cosenza where he moved with his family. There he was reported to some Juventus watchers who wished to take him to Turin immediately; It is a little boy who is less than 14 years old and he burst into tears: “I want to stay with my family. It was the first time that Berardi had rejected the blacks and the whites, who had pulled off a choice that never materialized. After a few years of Marotta’s many unanswered calls and today he is the player who would like to leave Sassuolo. Juventus 3.0, here we go again.


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