Defeating Italy at Wembley: What is needed now to qualify

Defeating Italy at Wembley: What is needed now to qualify

Don’t make any mistakes: Now that the road is uphill again, there are only 180 minutes left to see if the road is uphill or not. Italian national team By Luciano Spalletti will get a ticket for the match German European Championship Next year. The illusion that it was all easy only lasted for a quarter of an hour with Skamaka’s lead at Wembley and Malta Mbong’s goal against Ukraine: Unfortunately, Italy then went away beaten 3-1 with England now mathematically through and Ukraine overturning the result by winning the treble as well. Goals for one.

what is happening now

The ranking is clear: England is in first place with 16 points, Ukraine is in second place with 13 points, and Italy is in third place with 10 points. The current position means finishing in the playoffs, but we shouldn’t even think about it. Italy has two matches remaining, the first against it North Macedonia iIt is scheduled for next November 17 at the Olympic Stadium, while the last match of the preliminary round will be held Ukraine Monday 20 November.

Italy qualifies if…

With this classification, our national team has only one result against Macedonia: victory. If they get the three points, they will have the same points in the standings as Ukraine and in the last match two results out of three will be enough, a win but also a draw. This is because, as… European Football Association websiteItaly has the direct match in its favor after winning the first leg 2-1 at San Siro thanks to two goals from Fratesi. If this hypothesis is verified, the Azzurri would finish second in the group and qualify directly for Euro 2024. Another combination, certainly more risky, would see direct qualification with a draw with North Macedonia and a (mandatory) away victory over North Macedonia. Ukraine. The same applies in the event of a defeat, at the Olimpico, against the Macedonians: a mandatory win in Leverkusen or a mathematical third place.

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What happens with the playoffs?

We don’t even want to think about it given the still vivid World Cup nightmares in Qatar, but this hypothesis must also be made: If Italy fails to achieve at least one win between North Macedonia and Ukraine, they will finish third in Group C. She will have to try to obtain a pass for Europeans necessarily through i Playoffs. At this point, the groups can be numerous: 12 teams will be part of the qualifiers and will face each other in one-match matches: at the moment, the possible teams are Croatia, Wales, Poland and Estonia, and the top two are certainly very difficult teams. These are just hypotheses because, as is the case for the Azzurri group, two matches still have to be played with the classification poised to undergo major upheavals. The national teams that will qualify through this “lottery” will be only three.

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