Juve, Holm is back. Kostic away? Reply to Bonucci, Meriti Nicolosi news

Juve, Holm is back.  Kostic away?  Reply to Bonucci, Meriti Nicolosi news

If outputs are still a priority, then Juventus Meanwhile, it monitors the marketplace for any incoming profiles. And not just in attack. Indeed, in the past few hours, the Bianconeri’s interest in has increased Emile He did notthe right wing who watched Spezia’s first two seasonal shows from the outside.

The 23-year-old Swede is strongAtlantaBut Euroex is not done yet: Giuntoli He thinks about it, especially in the case of the profitable sale of Matthias Soleilwhich is of interest Feyenoord. The Dutch offered a loan with right to buy, a solution that Continassa did not appreciate, as they aimed for an eventual sale. Instead, block potential exits for mereti And Nicolosi Caviglia: The former is coveted by Monza and the former Souderol is much loved by Salernitana, but both are destined to remain at Stade Alegre at least until the last days of August. Only in extreme cases will the club make a decision about its future. In fact, the continuity of both midfielders cannot be ruled out. Much will revolve around the physical conditions of Pogba: If the French champions make enough guarantees, one of them can go and play continuously somewhere else.

Bonucci between Union Berlin and Lazio

L’Union BerlinMeanwhile, the pressure for bonucciwho always hopes Lazio: The Germans are waiting for a definitive answer this week. And pay attention to the position of Kostic, who was on the bench for 90 minutes in Udine. The former Eintracht has many fans in the English Premier League and Bundesliga. And if an offer of 15-20 million comes in, the Serb can leave.

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