“Guardiola is happy to have him here, he will help me separately when … we will play against”

“Guardiola is happy to have him here, he will help me separately when … we will play against”

Presentation of the former Sassuolo and Shakhtar coach: “The club and we immediately found ourselves”

“The Brighton He wanted me so badly, he has a very similar style of play to what I had in mind, I had other possibilities, but when Brighton called me he convinced me. We found each other right away.” Roberto de Zerbi During the presentation as the new coach of the English club. The former Sassuolo and Shakhtar have signed a contract until 2026. “The work he has done Potter It makes it easier for me – he said – the players have the right characteristics for what I want. I’m with a fourth team and that’s a huge incentive. Guardiola? He is a coach like no other. I spoke to him on Sunday. He told me he was glad he came here and would help me if I needed anything. Except when we play against.”

“The goal is to improve last year’s result and thus stay in the top ten in the tournament – and continued de zerby – First impression? I’ve watched all the recent league games and I must say we have strong players. I studied them individually, the team on the pitch knows what to do and has a very clear style but there is always room for improvement.”

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And again: “I have something to give back without disturbing anything. For me, this is a huge challenge, I have reached the most important championship in the world. For me, it is an honor to be in this club. I have arrived on tiptoe but with my personality and doing what I can do Bt. He brought my experiences with me. I think there are similarities with Sassuolo“.

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