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A book born from Don Roquita’s experience through decades of marriage counseling

Carlo Roqueta, priest and professor of theology at the Faculty of Theology in Florence and at the Pontifical Lateran University is also the founder of the Casa della Teneresa Family Center in Perugia. With St. Paulo Editions, he published The Science of Foreplay for a Successful Marriage, a true homage to the simple gesture of foreplay.

Today, in our busy life and always surrounded by pressing technology, we have forgotten the simple gestures that include sharing and solidarity. One of these is precisely foreplay.

Don Rokita wrote this book based on experience gained over decades of marriage counseling.

In downtown Perugia, tired couples often arrive, in crisis, convinced that they no longer love each other, and live as if they were apart in the house.

What these people have in common is forgetting the pleasure that a simple hug can give.

It is a daily gesture to get out of the wedding crisis and help them rediscover themselves as a couple, as foreplay restores that intimacy that was present in the first moments of their love.

The purpose of this book is to rediscover that a simple gesture like caressing comes from the heart and is a gesture that comes from the experience of giving and receiving, welcoming and giving.

Foreplay is nothing more than a civilized gesture that contradicts the idea of ​​domination and ownership, but it is an expression of solidarity and participation.

Foreplay is the first gesture of love that we know, how many times do we hear babies crying and how often do we see a simple gesture such as caressing their faces that eases their tears. The need for foreplay is inherent in every human being and at every age.

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With this book, the author gives us a little wisdom and a deep meditation on the meaning of tenderness.

The science of tenderness – page. 204 – 20.00 EUR

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