Juventus are close to four points and the minimum goal for the season is achieved for fourth place. Three of the four points should arrive tomorrow in the match against Venice, a match they will surely win after a draw in the first leg that certainly did a disservice to what the Bianconeri had to get to the top, reducing the Bianconeri’s primary goal by doing so. Aramo goal.

Venezia, today as today, are in a completely different situation, then they were in full swing to stay in Serie A, and today instead they are in a full-fledged battle for almost a one-foot landing in B and the match they have on Thursday will be playing with Salernitana crucial.

With Juve, the Venetians will try to make the most of their characteristics and take advantage of the fact that Juve, having almost reached the goal, can reach the match against the lake not for the same reasons.

Moreover, there will be many absentees at Juventus, and that may make the match more balanced.

Allegri does not allow false steps – But Massimiliano Allegri does not want any slips, the table will include three points tomorrow and at least one point for Marassi to close training and allow the coach to avoid even anyone waiting for the Coppa Italia final on May 11.

But the goal, after last week’s tour and the disastrous defeat of Fiorentina at home to Udinese, can be considered very close, but focus is required to avoid recent ridicule like Bologna and less recent like Benevento last year.

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