Before the Salerno Show, Danilo Irvolino. . Series disqualification avoided

The offer made by the Neapolitan businessman, founder of Unipegaso Telematic University, to acquire the club was accepted. In the coming days, the official

The trustees in charge of transferring the company’s shares in Salerno they accepted Danilo Ervolino Show, to avoid the nightmare of team exclusion Football from the Italian Serie A would take lo By December 31 No offers to buy the club have been received. Neapolitan businessman, founder of Unipegaso Telematic University, is preparing to become The new owner of the grenade company. The official will arrive on Monday, at the end of the bank checks, but – from what we have learned – it has been decided to focus on him for the sake of Salernitana’s future.

The name Iervolino has appeared in the last 48 hours: the businessman from Campania did it today Submit an offer with a 5% deposit attached. The proposal considered most useful by trustees Paolo Bertoli and Susanna Esger, who will now be able to take advantage of one for 45 days To determine the bureaucratic process and complete the delivery. In addition to the stock takeover offer, Iervolino could have secured significant resources to strengthen the team.

Not yet clear How many offers have been received? by the trustees on the last day. In the race, in addition to the notary from Salerno Roberto Orlando, there would have been Also an American fund. But, in the end, the choice fell on Iervolino. White smoke arrived a few minutes before midnight: the trustees had avoided, in effect, the nightmare exclusion that would have occurred had the club’s bids not arrived by December 31.

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