GdS – Buchanan says yes to Inter: “The numbers and formula of the deal, the final Chang is missing”

GdS – Buchanan says yes to Inter: “The numbers and formula of the deal, the final Chang is missing”

The winter transfer market is approaching and Inter are moving to give Simone Inzaghi a new right winger: latest news

The winter transfer window is approaching and Inter are moving to bolster the squad available to Simone Inzaghi. The club is working on a double path: a move to the right wing after Cuadrado’s intervention and one in attack, but the matter depends on Sanchez in La Gazzetta dello Sport.

Buchanan has already said yes

The priority is for the winger who will take Cuadrado’s place in the team. The idea of ​​Darmian’s steady progress is not entirely convincing. The Nerazzurri managers’ plan is to give Inzaghi a true full-back. The name is Tajon Buchanan, a Canadian born in 1999 from the city of Bruges. The player has all the characteristics to become a Nerazzurri player. In the series: He earns little, currently around 400 thousand euros. He does not want to renew his contract with Brugge, which expires in 2025. He is thinking of trying in a league more exciting than the Belgian league. He has already said yes to the Inter prospect, which has been put before his eyes by his agents. Most importantly, they can come at a low fee.

Transaction numbers

The deal between Inter and Brugge is moving quickly. Meaning that the Nerazzurri club did not find the door locked. In order to launch a decisive attack, the owners’ approval is needed, and therefore Zhang’s approval: in fact, no investment was planned for January, and no modifications were envisaged other than on loan. Sporting director Piero Ausilio needs the green light to complete the deal. The desire is for this to be done in a short time, so that the player is handed over to Inzaghi as quickly as possible, without waiting until the end of January. Inter enters negotiations on a loan basis with an obligation to buy, with an overall player valuation of less than 10 million, around 8 million. Inter have been loving Buchanan for a year: there are very positive reports about him, Ausilio himself saw it live at the World Cup in Qatar a year ago. “, is being read. However, for the striker, a farewell is currently needed.

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