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Don Williams was also a leading lawyer in the case that led to the abolition of the death penalty in New York State during his long legal career.

World-renowned lawyer At Boccardi Tiberio in Thermoli. Don Williams Professor of Law and Visiting Professor at Northeast Law School Harvard Law School Today, the morning of December 15, 2021, the most interesting lesson for the Institute boys to talk about “The death penalty in the United States: between cultural and ethnic issues“.n Williams, a pioneer of human rights, spoke in English with children about the death penalty in the United States.

Boccardi Tiberio Dedication to Human Rights

Its significant presence is made possible by the initiatives taken by Bogardi Diberio for civic education and, above all, by the adherence to this by the Thermolies School. Fulbright Project Supports educational exchanges between Italy and the United States by providing grants to Italian and American citizens.

Opinion of Chief Consetta Simmino

“Our company has an international business and testifies to the commitment to guarantee students a global perspective on all important issues, such as the presence of Advocate Williams and human rights,” commented Professor Concetta Simino, Director of Pocardi Diberio.

Life of Don Williams

Throughout his long legal career Dan Williams was also a key defender in this caseAbolition of the death penalty in New York State. He was in charge of a reputed legal strategy The case of Mumia Abu Jamal, In which he wrote His book “Execution of Finance”. It was provided with Durkut Marshall Award For his determination against the death penalty. He received the Morton Stavis Award for his commitment to those unjustly accused.

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