Freedom of expression flourishes in platinum once in the United States

Freedom of expression flourishes in platinum once in the United States

The new Stars and Stripes series dedicated to the First Amendment to the United States Constitution continues with a second $100 platinum ounce

by the editorial board | Last year, the US Mint unveiled a new series of platinum ounces with a face value of $ 100 dedicated to themFreedom enshrined in the First Amendment to the Constitution American.

The series, which will end in 2025, opened the freedom of religion (Here is our article) and continues this year with freedom of speech. Freedom of the press, the right to assemble and the right to petition the federal government will follow.

The oak blossoms, in the 2022 platinum ounce issued by the United States Mint, symbolize the freedom of speech enshrined as a fundamental right in the first edition of the United States Constitution.

To symbolize these fundamental rights enshrined in the US Constitution signed in 1776 is oak plant – a tree symbolic in American history, as well as typical of the country’s fauna – captured at different stages of its life cycle.

This platinum ounce series utilizes the life cycle of oak from seedling to mighty oak tree A metaphor for the growth of the American nationwhere freedom sprouts and is strengthened thanks to a seed, specifically the constitution.

ounce of platinumPlatinum ounce face 2022 It depicts a blossoming bough of oak, surrounded by words with freedom of speech and flowers of freedom. The other inscriptions are the emblems of GOD WE TRUST and E PLURIBUS UNUM. The face was designed by the designer Donna Weaver It was designed by the chief engraver of the United States Mint Joseph Menna.

Combined reverse design In this series, he depicts an eagle in flight, and in its claws an olive branch. About the name of the issuing country, face value $100, weight index 1 oz. And that’s for craftsmanship .9995 Platinum.

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ounce of platinumThe 2022 ounce of platinum was minted in a workshop West Point With a diameter of 32.70 mm and a proof finish. Clicking here will take you to the US Mint page Dedicated to this new highly prestigious coin with the ability to purchase online.

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