Jova Beach Party, War-Based Environmentalists: “It Must Be Stopped.” Giovanotti replies: ‘The beach is back better than what we found it’

Jova Beach Party, War-Based Environmentalists: “It Must Be Stopped.”  Giovanotti replies: ‘The beach is back better than what we found it’

Years pass, but disagreements always remain the same. Three years after the previous version, Juva Beach Partyalthough support WWF Italy, continue being The fulcrum of protests by environmentalists. Already since the announcement of the return of the tour on the beaches of Jovanotti, some discontent with some associations related to the environment has resurfaced, just as in 2019. Then before, during and after The first two stages in Lignano Sabbiadoro (July 2 and 3)With the attendance of 60,000 people, opposition votes were added regarding what happened. Photos of the site that immortalized thousands of fans on the beach did it Agitating environmentalists and LIPU, who stressed the extent to which such events seriously affect the sensitive and precious coasts. Today more than ever, given that compared to 2019, the state of the overall ecosystem is getting worse from year to year. This was stated by Legambiante in his report on the beaches: The erosion of Italian beaches is increasing in the climate crisis scenario. Coastal erosion processes are underway, affecting approximately 46% of sandy coasts, with the shoreline extension tripled since 1970. So sandy beaches are eroding and Italy has already lost about 1,700 km of beaches. While the high coasts are prone to collapse.” In short The beach is not a disco. Controversy erupted on social media, with some users questioning how the environmental intent of the event was paired with images immortalizing a beach trampled by 60,000 people. Some spectators also emphasized the fact that you can drink inside the concert area, but from plastic bottles And this, yesIcons were always made of plasticTokens used during concerts to pay for food and drink.

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As things stand, Jova Beach Party will be landing Marina Ravenna Beachside to double setJuly 8 and 9 with sold out twice. Even here the situation is sensitive and now “famous” because of a Cut down a 65-meter row of tamarsk trees To make room for the concert area. The banner, which appeared on the beach, was widely spread – covered by several posts on social media – with the following words: “65 meters of a cut trefoil for Jovanotti, In the forbidden period (for nesting). Mayor, would you allow it? Wwf, Fiab (National Environment and Bicycle Federation, editor), Environmentalists Where Are You? explained Francesca Santarella of Italia Nostra (National Association for the Protection of the Historical, Artistic and Natural Heritage of the Nation) Daily facts: Concerts are going to be around 75-100 meters from the state nature reserve “Pineta di Ravenna’ and ReteNatura 2000 located within Po Delta Park, places protected by environmental regulations, where Environmental and Landscaping License will be required (DPR 357/1997) which has not yet arrived“.

But in the face of all these criticisms, How does the person concerned respond? In the latest press release, linked to the launch of the Jova Beach Party in Marina di Ravenna, Jovanotti wrote, also subtly referring to what has been discussed these days after Lignano Sabbiadoro:The beach is back better than we found itThanks to the work and care of this aspect, but above all thanks to the cooperation of all Jufa Beach fans. It’s a great all-day event, designed with you in mind sustainability goals, Not only respecting laws and regulations but going much further, achieving a vision of the world in every possible way that combines the spirit of rock ‘n’ roll with a concern for the environment without using random words, but doing things the best you can! “.

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Added to this is the fact that the artist took part in an interview on social networks the paper Written by Gaetano Benedetto, Managing Director of the World Wildlife Fund who, essentially, Pointing the finger at “ideological environmental protection”. Benedict explained that it was Implemented protocol Developed by Trident to determine the most appropriate locations for events. Dedicated studies on environmental impact, assessment of proximity to protected areas were conducted. Another important component was the study of parking spaces, transit and flow of participants in the Jufa beach party, so that there is no invasive environmental impact. And finally the statement that small events, such as DJ sets and beach parties that are often held all over Italy in the summer season, actually do more harm to the environment because The flow and entry of machines are not controlledAs well as waste that was not disposed of properly after the show.

It should also be noted that Jovanotti, in announcing the resumption of the Jova Beach Party, announced, in collaboration with Intesa Sanpaolo and WWF Italia, the Ri-Party-Amo environmental project that “works on three development areas: Clean Italy with the aim of cleaning 20 million square meters From beaches, lakes, rivers and seabeds; – reads the press release – We are reconstructing nature to implement 6 actions for total habitat restoration. We train young people with a training plan for more than 250,000 students, 8 university workshops, scholarships and educational programs for the school.”

One-to-one in the center? We bet on it It won’t go away in the next few days And that we would continue to see back and forth, on both sides of the fence. Meanwhile, all stages of the Jova Beach Party – which will run until September 10 with the Grand Final at Presso Airport (Milan) – are still confirmed. Also because it is unreasonable for the regulatory machine to stop, when permits have already been granted by the municipal authorities. In fact, all the mayors of the cities participating in the tour, with audio and video links, participated in the press presentation last November.

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