On stage are The Cult, Skunk Anansie, Tom Morello and many others

On stage are The Cult, Skunk Anansie, Tom Morello and many others

Medimex is back. This morning in the conference room of the Museum of Taranto MARTA, this event was born in 2011 and has been standardized as an international event and music conference, a reference point for the global music market. A very large concert program is expected, with Italian and international musicians: Skunk Anansie, Echo & the Bunnyman, The Cult 40 years after their first concert in Taranto, Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine, not forgetting the ‘owner’ deodato , born right in Taranto.

The location for live performances will once again be the Rotunda on the waterfront. On June 16, Echo & The Bunnyman will be performed by Ian MC Culloch, one of the most important formations of the British scene of the eighties, and Antonio Deodato, who will present the new album. Saturday, June 17th, a double date with Murder Capital and Skunk Anansie. Sunday 18th concludes with a performance by The Cult nearly 40 years after their first concert at Tursport in Taranto, and Tom Morello, songwriter and guitarist for Rage Against the Machine.

Exhibits on Lou Reed’s drums and rock groups

The 2023 edition of Medimex in Taranto will explore, in addition to live concerts, the close relationship between music and art through two exhibitions. The first, housed at the Marta Archaeological Museum, will be dedicated to Lou Reed, ten years after his death, with portraits of Andy Warhol and New York in the 1960s. The second, on the premises of the university’s Ionian Department, will host drums owned by artists and groups that have made rock history, such as The Doors. Today the first details of the International Festival and Music Conference promoted by Puglia Sounds, program of the Puglia region for the development of the regional musical system implemented with the Pugliese Public Theater, scheduled for June 13-18 in Taranto, at the headquarters of the Museum by Cesare Veronico, curator Puglia Sounds / Medimix Technician.

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The press conference was attended by, among others, the President of the Apulia Region Michele Emiliano, the Managing Director of Cultural Policies in the Apulia Region Grazia de Bari, the Director of the Department of Tourism and Culture in the Apulia Region Aldo Patrono, and the Councilor for Culture and Leisure of the Municipality of Taranto Fabiano Marti. This release marks the return to the international festival dimension with three evenings of concerts in the Rotonda del Lungomare in Taranto.
Professional and communicative activities also return, schools of musical crafts, «raconti», appointments dedicated to artists, scenes and periods that left their mark. However, installations, presentations, music books, and many more side activities.

A large space will be dedicated to Apulian music with a live section dedicated to young talent selected from among the winners of the Puglia Sounds Record tender. Thursday 15 June again in Taranto, in the ‘Spazioporto’ there will be concerts of a group of artists including: Vienna, Micino, Larin, Trevor, Lea Klim, Rosanna de Pace, Freud’s Freud, Salento All-Stars and finally Macro.

An inseparable combination with Taranto

Today we reaffirm the inextricable union between Taranto and Medimix. We believe that this event is a tribute to Taranto and all its human and cultural values ​​that through this event are communicated to the region and the rest of the world ». This was stated by the President of the Puglia Region Michele Emiliano speaking at the Archaeological Museum of Marta at the Medimex 2023 presentation, scheduled to take place in the Ionian capital from 13 to 18 June.

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He added that Taranto remains the main battle in the Apulia region under each side. The rebirth of this city is clear to everyone. It is evident from the climate prevailing in the city, it is evident from the huge number of people who are also active from below ».

“I also bring my regards,” the governor of Puglia then reported, “for this great phenomenon of the May Day party (organized by the Committee of Citizens, Free Workers and Thinkers, ed.) which is very important to us.” “I think,” Emiliano repeated, “that it is one of the most original concerts in the world from a stylistic point of view. “I thank Cesare Veronico and Puglia Promozione, who are the protagonists of this cultural renaissance of the city – together with the municipal administration and the mayor”.

Veronico: Journey from Puglia to the World

«Once again this year Medimex is a journey from Puglia to the world and from the world to Puglia. With the headlines we propose a musical journey starting from two seminal 80s groups, Echo E the Bunnymen and The Cult, up to The Murder Capital, considered by critics to be among the most promising groups in the new post-punk scene, passing through the undisputed idols of the 90s and 2000s Such as Tom Morello, Skunk Anansie and Diodato, who in addition to being a brilliant representative of the Apulian music scene and also a landlord in his native Taranto ». This was stated by Cesare Veronico, Technical Coordinator of Medimex, speaking at the press conference to present the Medimex Review 2023, which will take place in Taranto from 13 to 18 June.

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He added, “As usual, the concert program, which returns this year to the format of three evenings, is only part of this journey. This year we’re diversifying across all genres with dates dedicated to jazz, author’s music, pop and black music, and presenting two unmissable exhibitions dedicated to Lou Reed, who left us ten years ago, and to rock fans.” “And again – he continued – we travel through the most important topics and aspects of the international music business with a rich slice of professional activities and re-propose music schools, one of the main pillars of Medics”.
“In short, the program – with which Veronico concludes – is vast and, as always, places Taranto and Puglia at the center of world music.”

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