Jordi Pujol: Concerned that Catalonia will remain Catalonia

Jordi Pujol: Concerned that Catalonia will remain Catalonia

It has always been one of President Pujol's main concerns National identity of Catalonia. For this reason, the Convergència leader has expressed concerns throughout his life about how immigration policies are managed. It is a question, in fact, once again at the heart of the debate Following the agreement between the Junts per Catalunya and the PSOE to fully delegate the powers of this matter to the General Government. In fact, immigration authorities were a historic claim for Jordi Pujol when he was president of the state. In the midst of this discussion, the President expressed his concern that “Catalonia remains Catalan“.

The president is committed to integration policies

This is what the president said in an interview with the media Poniente CountiesThis was within the framework of a visit last Friday, February 2, to Mulerosa (La Dorgel), where he met the journalist and writer Vicens Villatoro Submit the book Urgell water fever. There, 93-year-old Jordi Pujol once again expressed his interest in the status of national identity. “We are in a worrying momentTo achieve this, said the President, who requested that measures be taken to facilitate the integration of people.Catalonia remains Catalan“.

For Pujol, immigration is a major issue for the country. Especially since Catalonia has grown by more than two million people in just 20 years. In order to integrate migrants who come to Catalonia in search of opportunities, the President is committed to “Education policies, social policies and housing policies“which focuses on integration. If not, Pujol believes that”We are in danger of losing our Catalan identity“We cannot afford that,” the Convergència leader stressed.

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Concerned about the current Catalan political class

Another aspect that worries Pujol, which he has announced on more than one occasion, is the situation of the current Catalan political class. “We're a little confusedThe president confirmed. However, Jordi Pujol emphasized that during his 23 years as president of the country, he went through “much worse times.”

Other topics discussed by the President included Poniente Counties He considers it to have achieved “significant progress”. In fact, he gave the example of the city of Lleida, which “lag behind the rest of Catalonia and then responded.” In fact, he noted that Catalonia should follow Leyda's example and “move to continue moving forward.” “It's not easy, and outside Catalonia some people don't make it easy for us.”Pujol confirmed.

In fact, the chief told a story from his childhood about the Leda lands. “I was 8 years old and the newspaper said that Franco's forces reached LleidaPujol explained that the reaction was a reaction from Republicans. “My uncle, who was on vacation, told me not to bother with the announcement, which meant we lost Leda. DrThen we lost Barcelona and continued to lose during 40 years of dictatorship“.

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