Women’s World Cup: Italy loses to the United States, a fatal extra finish

Women’s World Cup: Italy loses to the United States, a fatal extra finish
Another defeat for the Italian women’s curling team to me Prince George World Championship 2022 (Canada). After the debates against the battleship of Canada and Japan, the blue have Unfortunately, she also had to make way for the United States With a score of 7-6, the score is obtained only at the extra end that follows the score hard game.

After the first step of the study was concluded with a stalemate Opponents take the leadmainly exploits a Watching Of our girls who let them score two points by stealing a hand. Then after a third failed recovery in blue They literally pulled their claws out and revealed a difficult situation Thanks to the super double rejection by Stefania Constantini, who was able to return the match to a tie. A complex game of guards has instead marked the fifth timeand concluded with the new extension of Corey Christensen and co., who have Sign two seals by finding the right path Right on the last two available offers.

At the end of the sixth, the Italian team finds coolness and confidence in solving one of them Offensive plot is not easy to manage It featured several stones set in a “train” with surgical leader Christensen in Italian stone removal. In this sense, Constantine is still good at Reduce damage by awarding only 1 point for the competition. North American attack plot though Thrilling kick in the seventh round With a final long shot that opened a meadow for the Italian captain, he is very good at not making mistakes by reopening matches with two points and delivering the match with a score of 5-4.

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L ‘Then Italy returned to the match, catching up at opponents at 5-5 at the eighth finish features a brilliantly caught and well-defended stone with a goalkeeper that didn’t allow Christensen a certain maneuver to work. But on the ninth slammed Americans are getting one length back again, laying a stone in traffic roughly in the middle of the bottom. Our girls returned the favor by bringing the hierarchy back to 6-6 in the last chapter, thus continuing to meet at the extra end, where give extra light To compete in the last shot, he suffered 7-6 final.

Women’s curling team Will be back on the ice at 17:00 on Monday, March 21 To face Norway, a match is valid for the fourth match of the role of Robben.

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