Citroën hits the low-cost market in February and makes it very difficult for Dacia Sandero

Citroën hits the low-cost market in February and makes it very difficult for Dacia Sandero

Citroen It has always distinguished itself as a manufacturer that, in addition to putting on the market models that really stand out from the rest due to their exotic designs, can also boast of being very interesting models in terms of value for money, especially the simplest ones. A group of French brands.

A good example of this is its usefulness, and Citroen C3It is a model facing the last trading stage Spain Waiting for the arrival of a new generation and therefore, as usually happens every time a model approaches its final farewell, it becomes one of the best priced options currently in its class.

It is clearer than that Citroenbeing a generic model, can boast of being a more interesting option than Dacia Sandero In terms of quality, especially if you compare the two Access versions, although it can be taken into account that the French manufacturer knows that the price of the Roman model is its best selling point, which is why they chose to launch a really very interesting offer.

Citroën C3 offered in Spain

As we can see in the Brand Offers section, we can now get… Citroen C3 Simplest of all at a starting price of just 13.200 euros, The price that puts it at the same level Dacia Sandero The simplest of all, which makes it a more interesting option given its higher quality and better standard equipment.

Obviously, it is an offer conditional on a financing transaction, and taking into account interest and commissions in addition to the actual payments for this type of financing system, the final price in the term will be slightly more than 16.000 euros, A very low amount for a model that, even if it does not have the latest technology from the brand, is still a very rational choice for those looking for a simple model to move regularly in urban environments between cities, the best playground for utilitarians.

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In this version you have access to this Citroen It has an 83 hp gasoline engine mated to a manual transmission, an automatic that does not exactly seek to offer sporty performance but manages to move easily and also achieves extremely low consumption as seen in models of its class.

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